WWE: 35 More Ways You Know You're a Big Wrestling Fan

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IIMay 3, 2012

Hello everyone, this is the third and final "You Know You're a Big Wrestling Fan" article.

I'm glad most of you enjoyed the first two, and hope you enjoy this third and final edition as well.


35 More Reasons You Know You're a Big Wrestling Fan

1. You ask friends if you can apply various wrestling holds on them. They always decline, but you still apply them.

2. You have "Hustle Loyalty Respect" tattooed on your belly.

3. You refer to drug testing at work as "The Wellness Policy."

4. Family gatherings typically take place when WWE House Shows are in town.

5. You refer to your college years as "kinda like the Attitude Era."

6. On Halloween, you once dressed up as 1995-era Shawn Michaels, complete with chaps and leather hat. Your life hasn't been the same since.

7. You recently purchased the WCW Slam Jam album.

8. The only thing you know about Canada is that Bret Hart lives there.

9. You refer to family night as "Hell in a Cell."

10. You're good friends with the "It's Still REAL to me Damn It!" guy.

11. You make YouTube videos showing off your wrestling collection.

12. You're no stranger to doing the Randy Orton pose, when feeling accomplished.

13. You voted for Linda McMahon.

14. You made your own Shockmaster mask, using glitter and a Storm Trooper helmet.

15. "Jive Soul Bro" is in heavy rotation on your iPod.

16. You know what the "Plane Ride from Hell" is.

17. You still get good use out of your Hulk Hogan workout tape.

18. The Great Khali's entrance music is your current ringtone.

19. Your anxiously anticipating the release of No Holds Barred on DVD.

20. You like to quietly walk up behind people, and yell "DAMN!" really loud.

21. For your grandma's 82nd Birthday, you gave her a German suplex.

22. Your Facebook profile pic, features you holding your WWE replica Championship.

23. You were once the subject of an intervention. You claimed it wasn't fair, and referred to it as a "Handicap Match."

24. You recently purchased Kung Pao Chicken, and or Fruity Pebbles cereal.

25. You teach your friends how to do the "Juke" like Junkyard Dog.

26. Working overtime is also referred to as "working an Iron Man."

27. The majority of your bedroom is filled with wrestling merchandise.

28. To entertain friends at work, you sip water and spray it like Triple H.

29. Friday is typically known as "Last Man Standing."

30. You announce your "retirement" when you leave message boards or other social media.

31. You and your co-workers, often compete by seeing who can do the most work, in the least amount of time. You refer to this as the "Beat the Clock Challenge."

32. You got a "YES!" chant started on your recent trip to the dentist.

33. When you need some motivation, you go on YouTube and watch this

34. You refer to your first job as "kinda like ECW."

35. You explain to your friends why Tim Tebow has "X-Pac Heat."