WWE News: Brock Lesnar Destroyed Locker Room After Extreme Rules; Was It an Act?

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IMay 1, 2012

Brock Lesnar is already wreaking havoc in the WWE ring ever since he returned. 

But did he let his act carry over into the locker rooms on Sunday?

On Sunday night at WWE Extreme Rules, Lesnar assaulted John Cena for 95 percent of the match but fell short in the final minute. After the match, Lesnar reportedly tore apart a dressing room in response to Cena getting up and speaking on the mic after the match.

The following was reported by 411mania.com via pwinsider.com:

According to several sources, Lesnar lost it on a number of WWE officials and began ripping apart a dressing room, upset over the John Cena promo that closed the PPV.

The original plan was for Cena, despite winning, to be so beaten that he was carried out of the building, leaving an opening for Lesnar to brag that while he had lost the battle on a fluke, he had won the war.

When Cena decided to address the audience, Lesnar perceived it as Cena double crossing him and lost in on WWE officials. It's not yet known how they calmed him down, but tonight's angle with HHH was planned in advance as a way to remove Lesnar from TV.

It is unknown if this was a stunt or not.

It makes perfect sense if it was not planned considering the way that Cena stood up after receiving the beating that was issued by Lesnar. It would also shed light on why Cena was talking about getting in trouble with his bosses.

Cena's speech was a bit confusing, but if he was supposed to be carried out of the building, then this would make perfect sense. It would also make Lesnar's blowup in the locker room appear to be genuine.

Lesnar is doing what he has to do in the ring to build up the WWE and might have felt that throwing a tirade in the locker room would do the same.