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WWE Extreme Rules: 15 Things We Learned About Tonight's PPV

David LevinSenior Writer IIDecember 24, 2016

WWE Extreme Rules: 15 Things We Learned About Tonight's PPV

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    Finally, David beat Goliath.

    In what can only be defined as a disturbing main event, John Cena showed heart, determination and grit we have not seen in some time.

    And like Michael Cole, just said, he is still the face of the WWE as he rose to the occasion again.

    Cena beat Brock Lesnar in a "fair" main event which resulted in blood, poor execution and frankly, discomfort (in my eyes as I watched it). This event may have been as close to an "Attitude Era" match that we have seen because of the way Brock Lesner tried to run through the WWE's meal ticket.

    And it looks like Cena is injured and will be out of action for some time.

    The event itself was not the greatest and could have been better, in my opinion. But then again, we had WrestleMania to judge it by. In the end, the world titles remained in the same camps while we have a new Intercontinental Champion who was a former winner.

    We also have a new Divas Champion and the emergence of Layla again.

    What happens now, with Brock Lesnar still a force and "face" of the WWE and Cena possibly going in the disabled list, is anyone guess.

    I did not like this PPV (I said it may be one of the worst) and while we all have our opinions, like it or not, here is what we learned from the event.


The Idea of the Santino Marella/The Miz on Youtube Was Brilliant

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    The match wasn't great and the idea that The Miz has fallen this far is saddening. Still the idea of putting  a dark match on YouTube.com is brilliant.

    The vignette by The Miz before the match was better than the match itself.

    I am hoping Santino Marella's reign as US Champion is shortlived.

Ryback Really Needs Some Competition

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    The handicap match was a joke, but it also speaks to a dominant wrestler who may be the future of this company.

    And since Santino Marella was watching the match from the back, you get the feeling that maybe at some point, the former Skip Sheffield will take a shot at the United States Champion.

    Ryback could be bigger than Batista and even bigger than Goldberg in the WWE.

Kane and Orton Should Keep Their Feud Going

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    They both put on a pretty good show to start the program off.

    I like how they sold for each other and took each other's best. I half expected Paul Bearer to make an appearance at the match.

    It did not happen.

    The match also reminded me of past matches which were just as good where falls counted anywhere.

    Let's hope this is one feud that can keep on going. It has some real pop, in my mind, and could be something that continues until maybe Wade Barrett returns.

We Did Not Need Zack Ryder Anywhere Around the Kane/Orton Match

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    It was an eyesore and something not needed.

    I thought it would soil the match but it did not.

    Ryder is nothing more than a jobber now, which is a shame. He could have had a decent run (better than Santino Marella) but he is not the future of this business.

    When it comes to a match like this, let's leave someone like Ryder out of it.

Big Show May Have Lost the Belt, but He Certainly Won the War

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    The look on Show's face when he put his foot through the table was priceless. I wasn't sure at first if it was supposed to be a finish like that (I still have my doubts).

    But seeing he get mad and then putting Cody Rhodes through the tables after the match was a lot better than the match itself. And it did put Rhodes over again.

    I am now hoping this will be a road for Rhodes to get a hold of Sheamus. The only problem is how does that happen if Daniel Bryan is still chasing the title from the Big White?

Brodus Clay Is Gaining Momentum

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    At the price of Dolph Ziggler, which helps Clay, but it hurts Ziggler.

    Wasn't Ziggler a WWE Title contender a few months ago? His talents (like Miz) are being wasted.

    I like the fact that Ziggler sold for the neophyte, but he deserves better.

    Now it will be interesting to see if others like Ziggler and maybe Jack Swagger, sell for him in other matches.

    And get Hornswoggle out of the ring. He looked like a midget pimp in that outfit.

Sheamus Fights Through the Pain

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    It wasn't the best match, but it was more entertaining than 18 seconds. And all the while, I thought AJ Lee would get involved in the outcome.

    She was lurking in the back -- so it was almost obvious.

    Sheamus did not win the title in less than a minute and to be honest, the match itself was not that great. But it had its moments, with Daniel Bryan showing he was every bit as good with wrestlers who are much bigger and and stronger.

    The fact it was two out of three falls and Daniel Bryan not only got himself disqualified and then used the "Yes" lock to win the second fall was genius.

    The fact that Sheamus won the match after that was too predictable, in my opinion.


Somehow, Alberto Del Rio Should Have Been Included in the PPV

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    A match with Kofi Kingston, interference with the Cody Rhodes or Daniel Bryan match.


    This PPV  was not the greatest and having some kind of surprise or interference or rage by the Mexican Aristocrat would have been great.

    I also assume Del Rio will now be in the title chase against Sheamus.

The Launch Heard Round the World

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    When CM Punk launched himself off the top of the ring, 20 feet in the air or more onto the body of the prone Chris Jericho, it bested Jeff Hardy's leap two weeks ago.

    This match was a "good" match but wasn't great.

    I think matches like these lose something when the match before it (at WM 28) may have been the best of the night (OK Hell in a Cell was better).

    The two men beat the hell out of each other with everything that they could have used. And Jericho still does a good job of selling for his opponents.

    But it wasn't as good as the match before.

Does Chris Jericho Have Another Match in Him?

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    You have to wonder what happens now that Jericho has lost twice to Punk.

    The pride of the family was saved and Punk is still the champion.

    Who does Jericho now face since he does not have a "dance partner?"

    It should be interesting to see who the creative team puts together as Jericho's new opponent.

Eve Is Going to Cause a Lot of Hell in the WWE

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    She is the sinister diva who said she would be a big thing.

    Personally, I hate the idea, but I also see her taking on a roll much in the same way Stephanie McMahon did of getting in everyone's business.

    Maybe Eve and Johnny Ace will become the new Stephanie and Triple H in terms of power.


Layla Looks Better Than Ever

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    Twin magic backfires.

    While we were all waiting for Beth Phoenix to "challenge" Nikki Bella, her injuries would not allow her to wrestle.

    Enter Layla.

    Twin magic failed to fool the return of the brunette bombshell

    Now it will be interesting to see a few things happen.

    And one of the most interesting will be who will be the one to challenge the new champion.

It's Safe to Assume This Now Means That the Bellas Are Truly Leaving the WWE

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    Since Nikki Bella lost, and the twins' contracts end as of tomorrow night, this was the last time we saw both beauties in the ring.

    According to ineedwrestling.com, the Bella's contracts expire tomorrow.

    The girl's have been with the company since 2007.

    I'll tell that I thought the injury to Beth Phoenix had the Bellas facing each other in the ring, which would have been a treat.

    It would have been fitting to see that before they left, but then the title would have been upheld or something would have happened to the match that would have soiled it.


Brock Lesnar May Kill Someone

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    The fact he purely destroyed John Cena before losing was uncomfortable to watch.

    Lesnar is a beast and the commentators even had a problem watching and tell the story of the match.

    I did not like the way the watch was designed and I certainly did not like how disturbing (I know I used that word before) it was to see Lesnar as the back yard bully pick at Cena.

    This was Extreme Rules and I know it is a little different than other PPV events. But I also got the idea that Lesnar truly wanted to hurt Cena tonight.

Cena Earned a Lot of My Respect Tonight

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    Not for getting his ass kicked tonight, but because he has a better look, and for what little offense he showed in the match, he had a menacing look to him when he came after Lesnar.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Cena is he is not injured enough to be placed on the shelf. Do we now see a more "thuggish" face of the WWE. And does the feud with Lesnar continue?

    Like Lesnar said, he is a cement truck. I am not sure there are too many people who can challenge him and make it look "real" enough to keep our interest.

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