10 WWE Superstars and Their Marvel Avengers Counterparts

Luis CamposAnalyst IMay 4, 2012

10 WWE Superstars and Their Marvel Avengers Counterparts

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    With the advent of the New Avengers film looming in the air, I felt it was only appropriate to answer to the request of making an Avengers/WWE counterpart list (a request first asked when I made my Looney Tunes/WWE counterpart series: Parts I, II, III). 

    As a long time fan of the comic book, making this list was admittedly more skewed towards the Marvel mythos and not the recent films (of which I have only seen one). With that in mind, what follows is a list of 10 WWE superstars and their Marvel Avengers counterparts. 

Namor/CM Punk

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    Do not make the mistake of confusing this underwater anti-hero with Aqua-man.

    Namor may not be as popular as CM Punk currently is, but like Punk, he is always outspoken about what bothers him and if need be, he will fight anyone (including his allies) to stand up for what he believes in. 

Ant-Man/Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan and Ant-Man may be be smaller than their peers, but do not underestimate their potential to rise up to the occasion. 

    Both are great fighters, although one often wishes they would treat the women in their lives better

The Wasp/AJ

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    The Wasp and A.J. may both be petite beauties, but they sure know how to pack a punch.

    Their relationships with male counterparts Ant-Man/Daniel Bryan may be flawed, but for some reason, they often stick by their man. 


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    Though normally centered men, Sheamus and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) share the unfortunate side-effect of turning into unstoppable beasts when provoked. 

    One thing is certain, do not get either of these two men angry; "you wouldn't like them when they are angry."

Iron Man/Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio may not be the first superstar that comes to mind when making a comparison to legendary superhero Iron Man, but when one factors his wealth, his charm with the ladies, and his affinity to shiny expensive things, it is not hard to see the connection. 

She-Hulk/Beth Phoenix

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    The She-Hulk and Beth Phoenix both share the distinction of both looking great and being able to kick your butt. Don't let their bulging muscles fool you, however; these girls may be intimidating but are nonetheless caring sweethearts. 

Thor/Triple H

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    The similarities between Thor and Triple H are too uncanny to ignore. Not only do these two unstoppable forces possess signature hammers as their prime weapon of choice, but their long locks and distinct facial hair make them look eerily similar. 

    Additionally, like Thor, Triple H's power is also bound by his father(-in-law), and while Triple H may not have a brother to feud over the control of his realm, others like John Laurinaitis easily fill the role. 

Spider-Man/Kofi Kingston

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    Like Spider-Man, Kofi Kingston is one of the most popular "good guys" among his peers.

    Both may not always get the respect they deserve, but their high-flying actions and sense of humor will always guarantee them a spot in the hearts of young kids everywhere. 

Captain America/Randy Orton

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    Like Captain America, Randy Orton joined the military only to realize that his expectations were not what he had hoped for. Both share a strong sense of patriotism, but will go against the wishes of their country if they believe they are doing the right thing. 

Black Widow/Maxine

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    Like the Black Widow, Maxine is easily recognizable by her skin-tight black clothing.

    These two women are as cunning as they are beautiful. Their objections to using their looks for getting what they want is minimal, and frankly, that's not such a bad thing. 


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