10 WWE Superstars and Their Looney Tunes Counterparts (Part II)

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IApril 9, 2012

10 WWE Superstars and Their Looney Tunes Counterparts (Part II)

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    Back by popular demand. I decided to make another one of these Looney Tunes/WWE counterparts lists. If you missed out on the first list, click here to find out what all the fun was about. 

    For years, professional wrestlers have been called “living cartoons”—an interesting observation, given the nature of what they do.

    The use of bright colors and comedic props to inflict damage certainly allows one to see why the comparison is often made.

    What follows is a list of WWE superstars and their Looney Tunes counterparts (Part II):

Brodus Clay/Michigan J. Frog

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    At first glance, both of these characters seem to have a lot of potential, but then their dancing leaves you a little disappointed.

    You wonder what is in store for both of these talented superstars and think that maybe their respective companies are holding them back because they are both still a little too green. 

Mae Young/Granny

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    These sweet old ladies may seem docile now, but the light in their eyes hints to a wild past. 

    Plus, for some reason, you bet they both make one hell of a batch of cookies. 

Vickie Guerrero/Witch Hazel

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    These two women sure know how to rustle up some fear among the masses with their cackling voices.

    Also, do not be surprised if despite their less-than-stellar looks, these women try to woo you. 

    Word of caution, do not drink any beverage these "cougars" have to offer. 

The Bella Twins/Mac and Tosh

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    Found in pairs, these two duos usually only pop from behind the scenes habitually, only to go back into hiding. No one really knows why they are around, but usually no one minds their presence. 

    Though sometimes fighting with each other, you can always count on the fact that these characters will end up together by the end. 

    These characters are at their best when seen chasing after another character's nuts (or any other valuables).

Daniel Bryan/Henery Hawk

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    These two guys may seem small, but you should never underestimate them. 

    Able to take down opponents twice their size, one thing is clear, if these two want something, they will fight for it. 

Alberto Del Rio/Toro the Bull

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    These two Hispanic superstars are great powerhouses that should not be messed with, or so it seems. 

    Easily injured and easily fooled by others, the more you watch them, the more you realize how little of a threat they are. 

Big Show/Hector the Bulldog

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    These two big fellows are often found protecting small characters.

    Although, you should not be surprised to see a mean side to them, especially when going after the "bad guys." 

Santino Marella/Pepé Le Pew

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    These silly-looking foreign fellows usually make for some relatively funny television to watch. 

    Though most women find them repulsive, these resilient characters do not take no for an answer. 

    Expect some great laughs watching these two, especially when they start speaking with their distinctive accents. 

John Laurinaitis/Marvin the Martian

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    These two soft-spoken characters may not look like much of a hassle, but their power is actually quite large. Unlike other bad guys, these characters are not just annoying, but quite evil at times. 

    Capable of destroying entire careers, it may be best to steer clear of these silly-looking fellows. 

David Otunga/K-9

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    These seemingly inferior characters may seem silly, but they can actually be quite cunning.

    Usually found at the side of their bosses, it is a little difficult to take these two seriously without the force that is behind them. 

That's All Folks!

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    Thanks for reading!

    Please let me know in the comments what other superstars you think have a Looney Tunes counterpart (and make sure to go check out Part I ).


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