6'6" 260lbs: Smoking Hater-Aid Will Stunt Your Growth, Not JaMarcus'

Panty Raider AKA Big RaidCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

My one-man mission to open the eyes of "The Nation" everywhere was given some validity when fans had a chance to see Michael Bush perform in the " Get Gruden" game in Tampa Bay to close the season with a crotch-kick-like High Note. Can anyone say "The next Bo" Big Raid knows running backs

Now I will throw my two cents into the JRoc Hat.

I wouldn't agree what this young man has gone through in his two years of NFL experience would be thought of as Stunting his development. Here is my logic.

1) Russel came to the NFL with world class arm strength, better than average mobility, and at 6'6", 265lbs and strong. One defensive lineman commented on how big and strong Russel was after trying to tackle him, and just rolled off. That is not taught in the college.


2) In Russel's two years, there has been two head coaches (Kiffin, Cable) and at least three signal callers (Kiffin, Cable, Knapp). In spite of this, he's maintained a calm cool demeanor and established himself as a true leader of the Raider offense.

A QB that isn't shaken and stirred by what is happening around him, no crying about it in front of the Camera's, no throwing his team or coaches under the nearest Madden Bus when many of the so called Raider faithful were calling him a bust, questioning his intelligence level simply because he has a heavy country accent.


3) As the Raider game plan solidified, so did Russel's play. Russel has had to play in a reactionary state unable to just play (Kiff's Coddling??). Coaches and Callers fumbling about trying to devise a game plan with Limited receivers play, and horrible line protection (Knappy Roots).

Constant changing of styles and theories of offensive football play (Does Cable come with Skinemax, or HBHo??) Thrown to Dogs Russel has show amazing poise while staring in the face of adversity.


4) lastly look at his numbers compared to other Top Flight QB's in their first couple of season. He's actually doing better than your Mannings. It would be nice to have a Flacco like or Big Ben type of first or second season as a starter. 

A top-tier defense, continuity at coach and a power running game. I'm sure that would have been possible.. It was the Kiffin Blueprint the defense bricked on, and the Running Game didn't support ('CAUSE MICHAEL BUSH wasn't starting had to get that in) I could go on.

I wasn't a Raider fan from birth, I came to them as a ankle biter playing the game. I've watched this Organization for almost 35 years now. If I coached It would be Raider style Ball. Press man Corner, no receiver unaccounted for, pressure from my front 4, Linebackers swarming to the Ball, Safeties roaming the secondary like hawks waiting to blitz the QB, stuff the run or crush a TE over the middle.

On offense, A POWER RUNNING (Michael "The Brahma Bull" Bush) attack with a X factor Change up (DMac), A Mobile QB with a Cannon (JRoc), an O-Line made up of the nastiest meanest SOB's walking this planet, with Long arms and Quick feet. (Needs Major Improvement) I believe in AL, and I believe in the Raiders.

Just like any "REAL" man. Al wants to do it his way. I think Al is very close to putting something very special together. If you don't get it yet. This is Al Davis's Swansong. He is putting together the Raider Future when he is no longer calling the shots. A legacy we can all be proud of. 

I believe in the Raider way, It might not be for everyone, but not everyone needs the same thing.. We might not be where we want to be, but I'm OK where we're at.

Win, Lose, or Tie. Silver and Black till the Day I Die


Big Raid Out