Spyhate: What Really Happened in "Spygate" and How It Was All Hyped Up

Johnny RehabCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

Everyone knows about Spygate and all the other fans of the 31 teams think that the New England Patriots are the biggest cheaters in the history in the NFL. People that like to make excuses say that, the Patriots only beat my team because they cheated?

If your truly believe that then you are helplessly ignorant because when the Patriots got caught with the misunderstanding of the rules, the NFL babysat us for the remainder of the season on the sidelines. A lot of good that did; the Patriots scored 36.8 points per game and went on to score 589 points for the season, which is now a record.

First, fans were complaining that the Patriots were cheating, soon after the fans and teams were complaining that the Patriots were running up the score on teams. Well when you just called a whole organization a bunch of cheaters did you think they would show mercy? Hell no, they ran that score up and shoved that Spygate in people's faces.

What you guys got on the Patriots now besides that they are not in the playoffs? So what we have been in the playoffs since 2000, we have to share with the rest of the NFL teams just like we have to share money with low-revenue teams like the Bills and Raiders.

I wouldn't give money to other teams that are calling us cheaters either, it's not my fault their team sucks.

Now let's look at the analysis of Spygate, because this needs to be clarified for all you simpletons out there. The Pats taped all sorts of things, and taped very little of defensive signals.

They also taped the game clock...is that cheating? They also taped the opposing team's cheerleaders...is that cheating? It has been stated by everyone, including Matt Walsh, who operated video cameras for the Patriots, that the Patriots did not use the tapes in the games to gain a competitive edge.

Furthermore, the fine was for where the filming occurred, not what was filmed. If the Pats had filmed from the media booth, there would never have been a fine. The NFL didn't fine the Patriots for "cheating"—it's camera placement-filming from a location not surround by three walls and a roof overhead (per the rule book).

Now take a look at how the media portrayed the incident, they did not deal with it in a professional manner at all. They all jumped to conclusions, but I do remember players speaking out against Spygate on NFL Total Access.

So if your going to keep on saying the Patriots cheated, then go ahead, there is nothing I can do to stop you, but I made this article to educate you so that you're not totally helpless.