Fantasy WWE: Monday Night Raw (4/23)

Will OwenCorrespondent IApril 29, 2012

Fantasy WWE: Monday Night Raw (4/23)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report! This is the posting of this past Monday's episode of Monday Night Raw. As the name implies, this is "Fantasy Raw." By no means will any of this ever happen—it's just a continuation from the Fantasy WWE Series. 

    The ratings war started a few weeks back, so please leave a comment with a rating from 1 (hated it) to 10 (loved it). Please give some feedback too—it will only help us.

    Editor's Note: Just to show you guys that I read and value your comments, I've recently begun implementing match times into my matches and now I am going to post my Raw roster every week.

    Raw's Roster:

    1. Randy Orton

    2. Seth Rollins

    3. Mark Henry

    4. Sheamus

    5. Wade Barrett

    6. Rey Mysterio

    7. Undertaker

    8. Alex Riley

    9. Drew McIntyre

    10. R-Truth

    11. John Morrison

    12. Justin Gabriel

    13. Vladimir Kozlov

    14. Rob Van Dam

    15. Shelton Benjamin

    16. Kane

    17. Chris Masters

    18. Joe Hennig

    19. David Otunga

    20. Mason Ryan

    21. Great Khali

    22. Kassius Ohno

    23. Abraham Washington

    24. William Regal

    25. Booker T

    26. Layla

    27. Beth Phoenix

    28. Alicia Fox

    29. Kelly Kelly

    30. Rosa Mendes

    31. Tamina Snuka

    32. Tiffany

    33. Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and DH Smith w/Natalya)

    34. Dudley Boyz (D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley)

    35. Harris + Rotundo (Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo)

    36. The Cólons (Primo and Epico w/Rosa)

    37. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso w/Tamina)

    Backlash is only days away yet Raw only has two scheduled matches! How are we going to fill up this card? Many more great matches still to come! You'll see only by reading.

    Now let's get to Raw!

Promo: Raw Is Live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan!

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    JR: “We’re here at Joe Louis Arena in Hockeytown! Tonight promises to be a great show as we get ready for Backlash, which will take place on Sunday, April 29!”

    Jerry Lawler: “And tonight, we’ll see another few matches scheduled in for what looks to be one of the better Backlashes yet!”

    JR: “I think the entire WWE Universe is still curious to know, who is going to fight Randy Orton for his belt at Backlash? Kassius Ohno will decide the fate of that match tonight when he finishes his Best-of-3 series against Seth Rollins in a Last Man Standing Match.”

    Jerry Lawler: “And I have to wonder with the way these two have fought, how will either of them be prepared to walk into Backlash after enduring a Last Man Standing match only 6 days beforehand.”

    Vince McMahon’s theme goes off and he comes in for a highly mixed reaction as he has not been the most just Raw GM lately.

    Vince: “This is the last Monday before Backlash, and as we are now in a new week in the WWE year, I’d like to announce the next draft pick for Monday Night Raw.

    Orton comes walking out.

    Orton: “Hold it, Vince. Before you announce who the new draft pick is, I’d like to voice my opinion on Backlash. I’ve been reigning champion since New Year’s Revolution, and I’ve beaten Rollins at the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 28. Why should I fight him again? Is that really want the fans to see? It wouldn’t even be challenging. So here’s my proposition: how about on Sunday, the main event for Backlash will be me vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kassius Ohno in a triple threat match? This way they can get a needed week of rest in anticipation for Sunday.”

    Vince: “I commend you on a job well done, Mr. Orton. I haven’t seen you around since Wrestlemania, and that’s never a good thing here on Monday Night Raw. So tonight, I’m going to make sure that you have something to do. Tonight, it will be you vs. Chris Masters and you’re going to do me a favor. If you beat him, Masters will be kicked off of Raw.”

    Orton: “Fair enough, I’d like to get a match in anyways.” Orton walks out.

    Vince: “And let’s announce our new draft picks: The Uso Brothers with Tamina!

    The Usos come out in their signature dance to the ring with Tamina Snuka. Jey takes the microphone and starts talking:

    Jey: “Mr. McMahon, we are ever so grateful for being brought to Raw where my brother and I can reunite. We’d love to pay you back in some way.”

    Mr. McMahon: “My pleasure. And maybe I’ll just take you up on that offer.” Vince McMahon laughs maniacally while the Usos laugh while confused. The four of them leave the ring, all shaking hands with each other and doing verbal business.

Match 1: Mason Ryan vs. the Great Khali

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    Mason Ryan comes down to the ring, again with Will Regal by his side. Will Regal grabs a microphone and starts to run his mouth.

    Regal: “Well, it seemed like three weeks ago I was talking about Mason Ryan. You all thought I was crazy but now he’s demolished his two most recent competitors. Now tonight he takes on an even more challenging foe, The Great Khali. At least my protégé is not here only because he’s a good actor.”

    The Great Khali comes out for very little reaction. The two of them meet in the ring and stare each other down. Ryan immediately tries to start with a running clothesline. He hits it but Khali doesn’t fall over.

    Mason Ryan locks arms with Khali and actually wins the test of strength, by kicking Khali straight into the gut. He pushes him into the turnbuckle and then goes for a running knee to the torso, which he hits.

    Ryan knows that he probably won’t be able to lift Khali high enough to do anything from the turnbuckle, so instead he steps out of the ring and starts delivering Sheamus like “arm punches” to Khali’s upper torso.

    The impact is much stronger than anybody would’ve expected as Khali goes falling to the ground. Mason Ryan decides to start stomping on his upper body, as there is no way that any pin would be successful.

    Khali gets up and catches Mason Ryan’s right. He lifts Ryan over his head and then throws him straight out of the ring. Ryan slowly gets up at the count of 5 and slides back in the ring. He goes to clothesline Khali but when he sees what Khali wants to do, he ducks under his arm and trips him from behind.

    Mason Ryan goes to the 2nd turnbuckle this time and jumps onto Khali’s ribs with his two feet. Now he thinks he has it. He goes for the pin: 1…2..kick out!

    Ryan calls Regal into the ring and the two of them roll Khali out of the ring together.

    JR: “It’s like they’re rolling up a 7’6  carcass”

     They roll him out of the ring and stomp him at same time. The count reaches 6 when Khali starts to get up. Mason Ryan takes advantage of this opportunity and lands a spinebuster. At the count of 9 he rolls back into the ring for some good heat.

    The bell rings at the count of 10.

    “Here is your winner. By count-out, Mason Ryan!” (Length of Match: 5:13)

    Jerry Lawler: “He played by the rules and won the match. I think he is on the hottest streak in all of the WWE”

    Will Regal: “McIntyre, you have been the worst European Champion the WWE Universe has seen. Let’s have a real European, Mason Ryan, take it from you on Sunday at Backlash!”

    He drops the microphone and leaves the ring with Mason Ryan looking as tough as ever.

Promo: Wade Barrett Backstage

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    We see Barrett walking around backstage. He sees Goldust putting on his wig and laughs.

    He keeps walking until he bumps into somebody. The camera moves the focus up and it’s Sheamus.

    Barrett: “Just the one I wanted to run in to.”

    Sheamus: “I don’t care less if you wanted to run into me. Why? To say congratulations? The referee called off what should have been my victory. And you countered one of my moves, that’s how you won. I had to take out your buddy, 13-time World Champion Triple H, then I had to take out his hick bodyguard, Skip Sheffield. Then, I finally got to you.

    Sheamus: “But don’t think this is over. On Sunday, I want my revenge in a No Holds Barred match. I want a piece of you, and on Sunday, I’m going to get it, 1-on-1.”

    Barrett: “You’re on. And this time, when the bell rings, you’ll be the one who cannot get up.” 

Match 2: Randy Orton vs. Chris Masters (If Masters Loses, He's Fired)

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    We come back from commercial and Chris Masters is in the ring. Next comes Randy Orton, who gets an absolutely amazing pop.

    He slides in the ring and gets stomped repeatedly by Masters. Chris Masters immediately goes for a DDT but Orton lands a kick to the gut to prevent it.

    Orton starts to kick at it a downed Chris Masters, nailing about four kicks on him. Orton lifts him up and whips him head first into the turnbuckle.

    Orton delivers kick after kick to the gut of Masters, and the crowd enjoys every blow. Orton takes Masters to the top turnbuckle and lifts him up in suplex form. He holds him there for about six seconds and then throws him down. This gets an amazing reaction.

    He gets off the top turnbuckle instead of jumping and pins Masters: 1…2..kick out! Masters begins to get up and absorbs a drop kick without falling. He retaliates with a scoop slam.

    He covers Orton: 1…2.kick out

    Orton gets back up and hits a running knee to the face. He then chest thumps Masters a good eight times. When Masters gets up, he receives a European uppercut. He covers Masters: 1…2..kick out!

    Randy Orton then hits his signature double knee drop which gets a good reaction. Masters gets up quickly and goes for a big boot, but Orton ducks and hits a backdrop suplex.

    When Masters slowly gets up, Orton hits a dropkick. He pins: 1…2….kick out!

    JR: “Orton has been dominating Masters this entire match. If I were Seth Rollins or Kassius Ohno, I’d be making sure that I prepare for Sunday. And I can’t believe that if Masters can’t defeat Orton tonight, he’s off Raw!”

    Jerry Lawler: “It just goes to show that Masters can’t run his mouth all the time, and it looks like he’s about to learn it the hard way.”

    Orton waits for Masters to get up and hits a gut-wrench lift neckbreaker. Orton starts pounding the ground. When Masters gets up, Orton hits a powerslam. He tries to cover but is rolled up by Chris Masters: 1…2.kick out!

    Masters gets up and hits a running DDT. Orton gets picked up pretty quickly but then takes a scoopslam from Masters. The cover: 1…2..kick out!

    Masters lifts Orton and goes for the Master Lock but Orton spins out of it and gets Masters onto the 2nd rope. He hits the Hangman’s DDT. Orton lifts Masters and looks to be ready to hit his RKO, Masters pushes him, hits a pendulum backbreaker, tries to follow with a sidewalk slam but Orton elbows him and lands the RKO!

    He covers: 1…2…3!

    Here is your winner, Randy Orton!” (Time of Match: 6:41)

    JR: “That was a great showing by Randy Orton. He took Masters out for the entire match and just when Masters tried getting some offense in, Orton turned it into his own by landing that RKO.”

    Jerry Lawler: “Maybe it won’t matter who wins tonight, because the way Orton is going, Sunday is going to be a breeze for him.”

    JR: “And that was Chris Masters’s last match on Raw.”

    Orton gets up and celebrates, leaving the ring. We see Masters being helped up by the referee and as he gets to his feet, Vince McMahon comes out and walks to the ring.

    Vince: “I just wanted to tell you, Chris, for your ass not to hit the door on your way out. Have a good one Masters because YOU’RE FIRED!”

    Masters tries to plead with him. Vince McMahon begins to laugh at his efforts so Chris Masters retaliates with a tough “Polish Hammer style” low blow.

    He then rolls out of the ring and walks out, embracing the famous cheer: “Na Na Na Na! Na Na Na Na! Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!”

Promo: Will Regal and Mason Ryan Backstage

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    We now cut backstage to Mason Ryan and William Regal walking around.

    Regal: “I’m telling you, McIntyre won’t have a shot on Sunday. Just trust me.”

    McIntyre is pacing back and forth when they walk by him.

    Regal: “Drew, Mason and I want a title shot on Sunday. You better be prepared.”

    McIntyre: “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

    Vladimir Kozlov walks by Regal.

    Kozlov (in a very thick Russian accent): “You think that you are the best on Raw? No. I am. Vladimir Kozlov.”

    Regal: “You’re the best on Raw?” Kozlov nods in reply.

    Regal: “Whatever you say.” He and Ryan walk away and so does Kozlov. When he turns around, Regal taps Mason’s back and whispers him something. All you can see is the back of their heads. Ryan nods.

    He runs to Kozlov, taps his back and then whips him into the garage door. He then throws him into a parked truck that has the WWE logo on it. He then takes a table full of food, throws the food off and then brings it near Kozlov.

    Ryan: “So you’re the best? YOU’RE THE BEST!?!?!”

    He spinebusts Kozlov right through the table. Ryan and Regal walk off as medical attention runs over to tend to Vladimir Kozlov.

Match 3: Drew McIntyre vs. Shelton Benjamin (non-Title Match)

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    We come back to the ring where Shelton Benjamin comes out and takes a microphone.

    Shelton: “Layla, I put my heart on the line at Wrestlemania and you chose to side with the asshole I’m fighting tonight. Now, I laugh at how stupid your decision was. And I don’t care what happens this Sunday, I want nothing to do with you anymore.”

    Drew McIntyre comes out for decent heat but doesn’t look like the same person as he once was. He walks to the ring pretty quietly with very little reaction.

    Shelton Benjamin whips McIntyre into the turnbuckle. He runs for him and goes for a running dropkick but McIntyre moves out of the way. McIntyre puts Shelton on the top turnbuckle and before he can go for something, Shelton hops down and moves out of the way.

    McIntyre jumps off and goes for a flying clothesline but Shelton pulls a superkick to a mid-air McIntyre out of nowhere.

    McIntyre gets up and reverses an attempted spinning kick by moving out of the way. He then hits a firemen’s carry gut-buster. McIntyre goes for the cover: 1…2kick out!

    Benjamin gets up and reverses a Scotdrop by rolling out of the ring. He recovers for a little bit. When the count hits 3, Layla comes gunning for him. She hits him from behind. However, he’s up at 5 and just stares at her.

    She backs away looking frightened for her life. McIntyre exits the ring and the count re-starts. He starts yelling:

    McIntyre: “Get out of here Layla! I don’t need you to fight my battles!”

    McIntyre takes Benjamin and Irish whips him into the steel stairs. He then points for Layla to leave. She says that she can’t leave him.

    Benjamin rolls back in the ring and McIntyre points Layla to leave the arena, which gets a pretty bad reaction. She walks up the ramp and leaves the match. McIntyre re-enters the match, only to be hit by a Jumping Implant DDT from Benjamin.

    Benjamin goes for the moonsault, but McIntyre rolls out of the way. McIntyre goes for his Future Shock DDT but Benjamin kicks him into the gut and hits a hammer suplex. When McIntyre finally gets to his feet, he eats a T-Bone Suplex. The cover: 1…2…3!

    “Here is your winner, Shelton Benjamin!” (Time of Match: 6:52)

    Shelton grabs a microphone.

    Shelton: “Layla, I think we know who made the mistake.” He starts to chuckle but that is way overshadowed by a pop as Alex Riley makes his way down from the crowd. He runs in the ring. Shelton turns around and he eats multiple rights from Alex Riley, followed by his finisher Spinebuster.

    He asks for a microphone and gets it.

    Riley: “You don’t earn my respect, I should earn YOUR respect. See you Sunday.”

    Jerry Lawler: “Well, I guess that’s one way to demand respect.”

    JR: “And right now, he definitely deserves it.”

    Jerry Lawler:  “Unlike Shelton Benjamin, who wasn’t even willing to help Layla.”

    JR: “You must be kidding me. Layla basically cheated on Benjamin at Wrestlemania. He wouldn’t be anything more than a rebound used to enrage McIntyre”

    Jerry Lawler: “But it’s Layla!”

    JR: “Well that’s another match for Sunday, which now definitely looks like a great PPV event.”

Promo: Beth Phoenix Backstage

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    We cut to the diva’s locker room where Beth Phoenix is tying her laces. Kelly Kelly walks in with the Women’s Championship. Phoenix is looking very sketchy, always looking around to make sure she isn’t jumped again.

    Kelly: “Beth, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull but at Backlash, you’re not going anywhere near my title. This piece of gold is the most valuable thing you’ll ever see.”

    Beth: “We’ll see come Sunday when I wreck and finish you, taking back my Women’s Championship.”

    Kelly: “And another thing, Beth. You always said that the reason why you hate me is because I’m a Barbie doll and you are the best wrestler here, right?”

    Beth: “That’s true.”

    Kelly: “And after this Sunday, you’ll have lost 3 times against me. So how are you the best wrestler here if you can’t even beat the Barbie doll? Here, I got you something that you can hang on to as a souvenir.”

    Kelly Kelly hands Beth Phoenix a blonde haired Barbie doll.

    Kelly: “That’s for you. Maybe then you can beat up a Barbie.”

    Kelly Kelly walks out laughing as Beth Phoenix throws the doll and looks absolutely fumed in the middle of the locker room.

Match 4: The Usos vs. the Dudley Boyz

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    We set our sights back to the ring and in it are the Dudley Boyz. Next are the Usos who come out with Tamina to their signature dance. This gets a good pop from the Detroit crowd.

    Jey and Bubba Ray start out in the ring. Bubba takes him and immediately hits a belly to belly suplex, followed by a DDT. Jey gets up and tags in Jimmy Uso, who comes in and immediately cleans house.

    Bubba Ray takes Jimmy Uso after being clotheslined and throws him into the turnbuckle. He delivers 10 punches, lets Uso fall to the ground and then tags in D-Von Dudley.

    D-Von hits a running leg drop and then waits for Uso to get up. When he does, D-Von Irish whips him over the top rope. Dudley starts delivering rights, but Uso still does not fall off the apron.

    D-Von bounces off the rope and goes for a running clothesline but Uso ducks while pulling the top rope, so Dudley completely falls out of the ring. Jimmy Uso runs over to his corner and tags in Jey Uso.

    Jey Uso runs across the ring (to the rope where D-Von Dudley had just fallen from) and hits a moonsault out of the ring, onto D-Von Dudley (who was just barely on his feet).

    Jey drags D-Von Dudley closer to his brother Jimmy and the two of them team up for a double bulldog on the steel stairs.

    JR: “What a well performed move! That should be enough to KO the best of wrestlers!”

    Jey Uso lifts D-Von and rolls him back into the ring. He goes for the cover: 1…! Bubba Ray stopped the pin by stomping on the back of Jey Uso.

    The referee starts reprimanding Bubba Ray and with his back turned D-Von lands a low blow on Uso. He rolls Uso up: 1…2..kick out! Jey Uso gets up and turns an attempted backdrop suplex into an enzuigiri.

    D-Von Dudley is on the ground, trying to get up and tag out. Just before he can make it there Uso pulls him back and puts him in an Olympic Lock.

    Dudley flips Uso over and tags in Bubba Ray, who cleans house on his own. He goes for the Bubba Bomb on Jey Uso but Rikishi’s son instead pulls off a DDT.

    He covers Bubba Ray: 1…2…kick out! Uso waits for Dudley to get up and lands a spinning kick. He tags Jimmy Uso back in who goes for a leg drop from the top ropes and hits it.

    Jimmy Uso goes for the pin: 1…2…no! D-Von hit a dropkick on the head of Uso before running out of the ring. Uso gets up slowly and eats an inverted atomic drop from Bubba Ray Dudley.

    Bubba Ray Dudley tags in D-Von Dudley who hits his own hammer suplex when he entered. He covers Uso: 1…2…rope break!

    D-Von waits for his brother to recuperate (yes, I meant his brother Bubba Ray) and then the two of them go for their signature Wassup. D-Von goes to the top turnbuckle but just before he jumps, Jey Usp comes running in and pushes Bubba Ray into the turnbuckle.

    Jimmy Uso then takes D-Von Dudley and hits a Super Bulldog from the top turnbuckle. He covers Dudley: 1…2…3!

    JR: “What a great showing from Raw’s newest superstars! And for the Dudleyz, this is their 2nd consecutive loss. I have to wonder if the loss to the Hart Dynasty is putting them in a tailspin.”

    Jerry Lawler: “I just think they had an off night, and that bulldog on the steel steps didn’t help by any means.”

Promo: Layla in Ring

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    We hear Drew McIntyre’s theme, which gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, but it turns out it is Tiffany, and that warrants a terrible reaction.

    Tiffany: “I don’t want to hear it! And another thing, I don’t want to hear the term “ex-husband or ex-wife” used again. We were “former spouses”. There’s a huge difference! But that’s not the main reason why I’m out here.

    “I came out to give Layla a message. Layla, at Backlash, I want you one-on-one. That much is clear. I wanted to add my own little ‘stipulation’ to the match. If you lose to me on Sunday, you will have to back off from Drew McIntyre so we can renew our marriage, because that’s what’s best for him. So Layla, on Sunday you’re going to lose and you better back off.”

    Layla comes out with no introduction but interjects with a microphone in hand.

    Layla: “Are you kidding me? This has to be some sort of sick joke. I gave Drew McIntyre my heart at Wrestlemania and you just come back, trying to ruin our relationship. You even said so yourself that you don’t care about Drew’s well being, you just want me to suffer. Roll the footage.”

    On the titan tron appears the interview from last week when Tiffany admits that she is only back to prevent a relationship between Layla and Drew McIntyre.

    Tiffany: “How dare you try to sabotage my relationship! You are nothing more than a cruel harlot. Yes, okay, I said some things that I didn’t mean last week but Drew and I are in love and you know it. You could make this easier on yourself. Stay out of this before I have to resort to beating you on Sunday.”

    Layla: “I don’t believe that you two love each other. All you do is try to ruin something that was fine the way it was. Drew and I were happily in love and you walked in and tried to take it all away.”

    JR: “You know, King, Layla has an excellent point. Had Tiffany kept herself away from Drew McIntyre this time around, there would be no turmoil in the Divas locker room.”

    Jerry Lawler: “JR, doesn’t she have a right to join the picture? She wants to fix her marriage with Drew McIntyre that used to be in shambles and led to their separation.”

    JR: “You and I both know that Tiffany is just trying to make Layla miserable, we even have audio proof.”

    Jerry Lawler: “She said she didn’t mean it. The interview looked very stressful on her. How could you make that call?”

    JR: “How in the world was that stressful?”

    Jerry Lawler: “She said it was.”

    By now, Layla is standing in the ring.

    Tiffany: “How about you just leave Drew and I alone you ignorant whore! He doesn’t want you and you know that, you just want to ruin the perfect relationship we have.”

    Layla looks down in sadness and then lifts her head up in rage. She hits a Lou Thesz press and leaves Tiffany in the center of the ring.

Match 5: Tiffany and Kelly Kelly vs. Layla and Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix comes out and helps Layla while Kelly Kelly helps Tiffany. The bell rings and there’s a tag team match going on.

    Beth Phoenix is the legal competitor up against Tiffany. She waits for her to get up and hits a suplex. Then she locks Tiffany in a Glam Slam Submission. Tiffany is about to tap out but Kelly Kelly walks in and kicks Beth in the upper mid-section getting a poor reaction from the crowd.

    Beth Phoenix takes Tiffany and tosses her over the rope. Outside of the ring Tiffany is being absolutely obliterated by Layla. Phoenix gets out of the ring and Kelly Kelly tries to run over and surprise Phoenix. She sees her coming and clotheslines her.

    Phoenix and Layla deliver a double atomic drop on Tiffany, who is in even more pain than before. Layla almost knocks Tiffany over the security barricard and hits an amazing move that gets a huge pop. The move is called the Facelift’s Faceless (she stands on the barricade, flips over and effectively hits a bulldog).

    Layla rolls Tiffany back into the ring, goes for the Layout and hits it. She covers Tiffany: 1…2…3!

    “Here are your winners, Beth Phoenix and Layla!” (Time of Match: 3:12)

Promo: Drew McIntyre Interview

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    We cut backstage where Todd Grisham is talking.

    Grisham: “Today, I’ve been able to find Drew McIntyre so he can answer some of the lingering questions, with Backlash being only a few days away. So Drew with only 6 days until Backlash, how are you preparing for your match with Mason Ryan?”

    McIntyre sort of stands without answering, but after a few seconds, he finally does: “Regal just challenged me today. Now I have two things to worry about. It’s going to be tough as Sunday is an important moment in my love life.”

    Todd: “So what does this mean? Are you saying that you don’t care about the United States Championship?”

    McIntyre: “No, don’t twist my words. The European Championship is the most important item in my life, but Layla and Tiffany are both beautiful women who I really care about. Hopefully Sunday helps me make up my mind. And I don’t want to answer any more questions.”

    Todd: “Well thank you for your time.”

    McIntyre walks away with a serious look on his face.

Main Event: Kassius Ohno vs. Seth Rollins in a Last Man Standing Match

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    We come back from commercial, where Seth Rollins is getting in the ring. Next up is Kassius Ohno, who comes out without Vince McMahon by his side.

    JR: “What is running through their heads? A Last Man Standing match when they will have to fight Randy Orton on Sunday. This match I’ve been waiting for since Kassius Ohno evened the series and it’s on now!”

    The two go for a test of strength in the middle of the ring. Seth Rollins wins and knocks Ohno down. He goes for a baseball kick on Ohno but he rolls out of the ring and Rollins slides out of the ring.

    Rollins enters the ring and tries not to get blindsided on his way in. Ohno locks arms with him and wins this test of strength, putting him vulnerable in the turnbuckle. Ohno delivers a dropkick but Rollins stays on his feet.

    Ohno goes for the running clothesline but Rollins moves out of the way. Ohno, with a groggy reaction, is taken in for a hammer suplex. The cover: 1…kick out!

    Ohno gets up and reverses an attempted clothesline by hitting an atomic drop. He also goes for a DDT but Rollins gets a few punches in and knocks him over the top rope. Rollins bounces off the opposite ropes and hits a Polish Hammer to knock Ohno out of the ring.

    Rollins hits a moonsault that takes him out of the ring. The referee starts his count with Rollins up and Ohno lying down: 1......2……3……4……5…...6. Ohno gets up and actually has the courage and energy to reverse an Avada Kedavra into a Hangman’s Elbow. He goes falling to the ground in fatigue. The count re-begins: 1……2……3…….4……..5…...6……. Both of them are on their feet.

    Kassius Ohno Irish whips Rollins over the announcer’s table into the Spanish announcers’ rolling chairs. Ohno then takes a steel chair from the area where Lillian Garcia is sitting. He takes it and tosses it on the announcer table.

    Ohno drags Rollins onto the announce table and goes for a DDT through the table with the chair on it. He has Rollins in DDT form but Rollins is able to get a kick in and then hits a Saito Suplex but not through the table, rather he goes to the mat again.

    JR: “The carnage is unbelievable!”

    Seth Rollins waits for Ohno to get up and then goes for Small Package Driver, which he hits. The count begins: 1……2……3……4……5……6……7…… Ohno slowly gets up. Rollins really has no idea what to do so he just goes for some rights. He hits a few but Ohno stays on his feet and retaliates with some lefts.

    Rollins goes for a non-running clothesline but Ohno ducks and responds with a Hangman’s Elbow, again. The count begins: 1……2……3……4……5…… Rollins gets up and hits a German suplex outside of the ring, which actually came with a very painful sound effect.

    Ohno gets back to his feet at the count of 6 and almost eats an Avada Kedavra but he instead lands a spinning kick. When Rollins gets up he is Irish whipped into the security barricade. Ohno goes for a running dropkick but Rollins moves out of the way and Ohno’s back hits the concrete pretty hard.

    Rollins jumps on top of the barricade and hits a diving elbow drop on Ohno. The count makes it to 8 before Ohno can get back to his feet. When he does get back to his feet, Rollins Irish whips him into the table with the chair on it.

    Rollins gets on the table and tries to hit God’s Last Gift and almost hits it, but Ohno gets an elbow in there before Rollins can finish the move. Ohno hits a spinebuster but Rollins does not break through the table.

    Ohno gets off of the table, takes Rollins with him and tries to hit a suplex in the table but instead Rollins hits his own suplex and it breaks Ohno through the table.

    JR: “I don’t believe it. Rollins is going to get another chance at Orton this Sunday at Backlash!”

    The count hits 2 when somebody makes their way to the ring, but nobody really notices until he makes it near Seth Rollins. He has a steel chair in hand and starts yelling at Rollins. The two of them are yelling at each other and the count hits 7 when Vince McMahon decides it’s time to make a decision.

    He absolutely whacks Rollins in the head with a steel chair, causing Rollins to bleed at the forehead. The count restarts: 1……2……3……4……5……6……7……8……9……10!

    “This match is a draw!” (Time of Match: 15:12)

    Vince McMahon: “Hold it! Since nobody won tonight, on Sunday Randy Orton will be taking on Seth Rollins and Kassius Ohno for the World Heavyweight Championship!”

    Vince McMahon puts the microphone down and leaves the ring.

    Jerry Lawler: “Well it looks like Vince McMahon got exactly what he wanted. On Sunday, we’re going to see Seth Rollins finally take the title back.”

    JR: “How could you say that? I personally am not going to make a prediction, but Sunday sure will be interesting! See you then folks!”


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    And that's our show! Tell me if you liked it by leaving a comment with a rating of the show (1 to 10). Just as a recap, this was the card:

    1. Mason Ryan w/William Regal def. The Great Khali via countout
    2. Randy Orton def. Chris Masters via pinfall
    3. Shelton Benjamin def. Drew McIntyre via pinfall
    4. The Usos def. The Dudley Boyz via pinfall
    5. Beth Phoenix and Layla def. Kelly Kelly and Tiffany via pinfall
    6. Seth Rollins vs. Kassius Ohno resulted in a draw

    We now know the official card to Backlash. It is as follows:

    1. Tiffany vs. Layla
    2. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett
    3. Alex Riley vs. Shelton Benjamin
    4. Mason Ryan w/William Regal vs. Drew McIntyre for the European Championship
    5. Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly for the Women's Championship
    6. The Hart Dynasty vs. The Cólons for the World Tag Team Championship
    7. Seth Rollins vs. Kassius Ohno vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Tune in tomorrow night for Backlash and on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m for episodes of Smackdown.

    Editor's Note: Raw episodes are supposed to be uploaded by 7:00 p.m on Sunday night, but there were A LOT of technical difficulties. Expect them to return to Sunday nights starting next week!

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