Hardcore Legend Sabu Rushed to the Hospital Before Scheduled Event

Brett ChandlerCorrespondent IApril 28, 2012

Sabu at TNA Hardcore Justice in 2010.
Sabu at TNA Hardcore Justice in 2010.

 According to TMZ, the infamous celebrity news website, former WWE and TNA superstar Sabu has been rushed to the hospital before the scheduled Extreme Reunion wrestling event in Philadelphia, PA.

It's reported that the staff at the hotel Sabu was staying at felt that the three-time ECW Tag Team Champion was intoxicated. According to a source close to Sabu (real name Terry Brunk), he suffered an allergic reaction to the medication that he was taking, causing him to be found unresponsive in his hotel room.

He's currently still in the hospital and will apparently not be a part of the Extreme Reunion event taking place tonight in Philadelphia. 

I, for one, hope that it's indeed true that this is just because of an allergic reaction and not because of alcohol or substance abuse. We have lost several wrestlers such as Andrew "Test" Martin or Edward "Umaga" Fatu over the last few years because of substance abuse. I hope Sabu isn't the next one.

I was always a fan of Sabu and his extreme stunts back in the day and when he was in WWECW, so I hope that he's doing well and will be out of the hospital soon in good shape. As for him missing the Extreme Reunion event, I hope the fans there are polite enough to not care about his no-show, and instead, care for his well-being.

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