NFL Offseason: Save the Drama for Sunday

Jay DuepnerContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

If the Raiders' head-coaching carousel of the last few seasons doesn't induce vertigo, then take a look at their record since losing Super Bowl XXXVIII: 24-72. That's one win for every three losses. Their best effort of five wins in a year also happens to be the same number of games lost when Al's minions last made that playoff run. 

At the beginning of the year, the writing was on the wall that even if the Silver and Black piled up wins, Lane Kiffin was next to be sacked. Given the constant reports that Kiffin was about to be fired or forced to resign it was incredible that Al Davis gave a courtesy call to let Kiffin know he was fired instead of just issuing a press release. 

Then Al started with the name-calling and blame shifting as if he wasn't the one with final say on all matters. All the finger pointing left fans preoccupied in a season where an 8-8 record won the AFC West.

But that was all way back then. Now, with Al talking less and less to anyone let alone the press it appears a lesson may have been learned. In order to ensure he leaves a legacy comprised of hard-nosed football and winning, he is eschewing public ceremonials and focusing on building a complete team.

A philosophy not shared by who could be Davis' heir apparent in the media Jerry Jones. 

Determined to make the NFL more like Entourage and less like Any Given Sunday, Jerry Jones builds stories teams out of scandalous players with nicknames: Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson.

Every week this season there was some new catastrophic media storm that had nothing to do with actually playing football. Whether it be T.O. feeling like a third wheel or Pacman getting drunk and abusive, the plots almost seemed designed to distract fans from the inability to win a playoff game in over a decade and abysmal losses against NFL doormats like the Rams.

Then comes the news that the Cowboys are debuting not one but two reality shows this summer. Is it just a coincidence these announcements came during Super Bowl week? Doubtful given their track record. More than likely, the Cowboys are looking at another abject year with a coaching change in the offseason. 

The coaching change and subsequent search could come in the midseason, but it'd be too hard to make a reality show out of that.

So as far as the the Raiders's search, who next will fill the void at the Black Hole?  Could it be that Jon Gruden returns to once again rebuild the inept Raiders? Al Davis himself doesn't even know but rest assured that the next ringmaster who ambles into the Oakland circus will be in the name of football and not ratings. Unless that man is Al Davis.