Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning: Who Really Is Better?

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Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning: Who Really Is Better?

A writer on Bleacher Report by the name of Ryan has written a lot of Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning articles in which he clearly states that Manning has the upperhand. Well, I respectfully disagree. Ryan has proved his case with a lot of stats. However, I believe that stats don't tell the whole story.

Don't get me wrong: Peyton is a great quarterback and one day he will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This article was not meant to bash Peyton or any Colts fan. This article is just me stating my opinion that Brady is better than Peyton. I understand that everybody has their own opinion and that this argument will never end. I'm not trying to persuade people to agree with my opinion, but to keep it in perspective.

First, lets start by Super bowl wins. Many people might not agree that Super bowl wins should be the top priority in comparing these two. They say that Super bowls are a team accomplishment. I agree, but the play of the quarterback could decide the outcome of any Super Bowl.

Before every season, every quarterback thinks to themselves: I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that my team is holding the Lombardi Trophy in the last game of the season. Since quarterbacks get most of the credit they are most responsible for leading a team to the promised land.

Brady has won three Super Bowls, Manning has won just one. Who has the upper hand? Brady.

Brady won the Super Bowl MVP twice. Many may argue that Brady won all of those Super Bowls because of kicker Adam Vinatieri's heroics. I disagree because Brady was the one who led those drives and they only needed to get a field goal to get the lead, and eventually: the win.

Why go out and try to be crazy and get a touchdown to win the game with about seven seconds left when you can just drive 50 yards and get a field goal?

I agree that Manning has the upperhand in career statistics, but lets take a look at the supporting cast both players have to help them win games and put up good numbers.

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends throughout career:

Upper hand: Manning. Manning has had Marvin Harrison, a first ballot Hall-of-Famer - his whole career. Let me say that again: HIS WHOLE CAREER. He has had Reggie Wayne, another arguable Hall-of-Famer for eight years. Manning has Dallas Clark, an elite tight end, and first round draft pick Anthony Gonzalez, who is a rising wide receiver. Notice how all of those people were first round draft picks.

Lets look at Brady. He's never had a a sure shot Hall-of-Famer until Randy Moss and look at what they did together in just one season. He breaks Manning's record of 49 TD's in a season with 50 and Moss breaks Jerry Rice's record of receiving TD's with 23.

The Patriots become the first team to not lose a regular season game since the league went to a 16 game regular season.

Before Randy Moss, Brady never had a first round Draft Pick as a wide receiver, let alone a Hall of Fame wide receiver. Anybody ever notice that? The only first round target he had was Ben Watson, who is always injured.

Many may argue that Manning made all of his wide receivers good and famous,and Brady couldn't do that. Well, once again: I disagree. Lets take an in-depth look at that. Brady's favorite receiver when he won his three Super Bowls was Deion Branch. Deion Branch was pretty good, not astonishing, but pretty good. He left the Patriots after the 2005 season and went to the Settle Seahawks.

Has anybody heard of him since? I don't think so. All you've heard of him is his injuries and when he wasn't injured you didn't hear anything. And let me ask you this, if Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne were to leave the Colts when they were in their prime would they have still produced? Maybe not to the extent that they did with Manning but they would have certainly produced.

Running backs throughout their career

Upper hand: Manning. Peyton has played with Hall-of-Famers like Edgerrin James when he was in his prime. The only consistent running back Brady played with was Cory Dillon, and he played with him for a short time.

Offensive Lineman throughout their career.

Upperhand: Tied

We can all agree that both Brady and Manning have significant protection in the pocket.


Upper hand: Manning

A lot of people argue that Manning has better stats. Lets take an in-depth look at that. Brady has played in an outdoor stadium in New England his whole career. He had to worry about blowing winds, rain, sleet, and especially snow. In those conditions, the offensive coordinator would call more run plays than passing plays. Manning always played in a dome, not worrying about any of the before mentioned conditions. In fact, it also helped his defense because the Dome holds more noise.

Defense through their career:

Upper hand: Brady. This should serve as a fact that I'm not being biased. I have to admit that throughout their careers, Brady has played with the better defense.

When you compare these two you also have to keep in mind that Manning has played in four more seasons than Brady has. He played two seasons before Brady got drafted and one season after Brady was drafted because as he was a backup his first year. Manning played another season more than Brady when Brady was injured in the opening game of the 2008 season.

Overall, when you look at their supporting casts, you can clearly see that Manning played with better talent around him. Yet, Brady is the one with more Super Bowl rings.

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