NFL Free Agency: New York Jets, Oakland Raiders Get Crazy

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMarch 2, 2008

There's an old Nat King Cole song that goes, "You call it madness, but I call it love..."

So insanity has existed long before the NFL began allowing players to become free agents.

That being said, it always seems to be the same teams that that keep repeating the same mistakes. The New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders.

The Jets traded Jonathan Vilma, who I thought was the future of their defense for years to come, for a couple of draft picks. Then they traded for Carolina's Kris Jenkins. The third jewel in the crown was giving Alan Faneca the biggest contract ever given to an offensive lineman.

This sounds like the Jets are off to a pretty good off season, doesn't it? They are, but they should not have had to make any of these moves had they made better ones over the years.

Vilma suddenly fell out favor with the Jets. How this happened in one season is a mystery to me. I understand that Mike Tannenbaum and Eric Mangenius invented football and I should just accept every move they make and shut up, but this puzzles me. Please explain.

They also had to trade for a defensive tackle, because the one they drafted with the 4th overall pick in the 2003 draft—Dewayne Robertson—is no longer of any use to them.

That is because Mangenius took a perfectly good 4-3 and turned it into a 3-4 defense without first procuring the personnel fitted for that task. And they wonder why they're 4-12...

On to Faneca....the Jests bowled him over with cash. This is the same team that wouldn't give Pete Kendall change for the bus last year. I give up.

The Raiders continue to amaze. In a league that is structured to assist the downtrodden at every twist and turn, this team marches to its own beat - a beat that is out of step.

Al Davis needs to modernize this organization. That's not even arguable. We'll just concentrate on the personnel decisions for now.

Who is Tommy Kelly and why are the Oakland Raiders paying him all this money? I checked the Pro Bowl rosters and found 14 DTs on the list. Kelly—who has never made the Pro Bowl—is now making more money than all of them. Plus, he's coming off a torn ACL. There is no logical reason for this signing, except incompetence.

Nor is there one for the signing of Gibril Wilson. Wilson was not considered a core piece of the Giants defense. They let him go. Why is Oakland giving an average safety a $40 million dollar contract? What's up with that?

When the Jets play the Raiders this year, television audiences are going to pray that the game gets preempted by Heidi...