WWE News: Wrestling Movie Review Month "WrestleMonthia" over at Channel Awesome

Richard WarrellAnalyst IIApril 22, 2012

For those who don't know Channel Awesome, they are a professional online video review team who run a number of websites, most notably Blistered Thumbs and That Guy With The Glasses. There is even a wrestling-themed affiliate site, Wrestle! Wrestle!, and there are a number of reviews of wrestling products scattered around Channel Awesome's other sites.

Generally, nothing specific posted to the site has really been notable enough to post about on here. However, it has just been brought to my attention that one of the team's reviewers, who goes by the name Film Brain, has just completed the unenviable task of spending a month wading through wrestling-related movies this month for his Bad Movie Beatdown show, in a series dubbed "WrestleMonthia."

Film Brain has mostly covered movies you would not expect. On Bleacher Report, articles on wrestling and movies tend to focus on either The Rock's success, or the failure of WWE studios, notably films starring The Big Show and Triple H. It is nice to see a critical eye cast over some other movies instead.

Film Brain's reviews are always a lot of fun, and these are well worth checking out.

Here are links to the four "WrestleMonthia" reviews, first at the top:

The Marine (starring John Cena)

* The Condemned (starring Stone Cold Steve Austin and Nathan Jones)

Wrong Side of Town (starring Rob Van Dam and Dave Batista)

Universal Soldier: The Return (starring Bill Goldberg)


UPDATE: Film Brain posted another review, this time for The Tooth Fairy starring The Rock. See article here.