WWE: Wrestling Film Review Month 'WrestleMonthia' Continues with the Tooth Fairy

Richard WarrellAnalyst IIApril 29, 2012

Ahoy, Bleachers!

I recently reported that Film Brain was doing "WrestleMonthia," a month of movie reviews focusing on movies starring professional wrestlers.

I was of the belief that he had concluded his reviews, having done one a week for four weeks, and implied that the set on the Web site was the complete series.

However, it would appear WrestleMonthia is not yet over, as Film Brain's Bad Movie Beatdown series has put out another review, this time one for the Tooth Fairy, which stars The Rock.

Apologies for getting things slightly wrong, now go check out his latest piece! As per usual, it is up to Film Brain's great standard.

The review can be found here.

Now spanning over six weeks, this really has to be it though. WrestleMonthia must be over at this point, surely?