Marking Out: Brock Lesnar, John Cena and the Problem with Getting over

Ryan SzAnalyst IIApril 18, 2012

Hello again, and welcome to another installment of Marking Out. It has been another interesting episode of Raw.

In the buildup to the next pay-per-view with Extreme Rules, the WWE has decided to go full tilt with the angle between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. After the initial announcement that both men would face each other at the PPV, many fans were left feeling underwhelmed, as the match did not have any stipulations attached to it.

But yesterday, the announcement was made that the match would in fact be an Extreme Rules match, which I'm sure caused a huge cry of joy from many IWC members.

The idea of these two in a match of that type is very exciting, as both can be very physical and use what's at their disposal to make the match interesting. Lesnar was known for his overpowering manner in matches and aggressive style. Cena as well has had some physical matches in his time in the WWE. His matches against JBL and Edge certainly showed that.

So what can the fans expect to see come PPV time? Well, if last Monday's interview with Brock was any indication, fans may be witnessing the start of the new era within wrestling. Similar to what happened between the early Monday Night Wars and Attitude Era, the PG era could be growing with its audience, most likely to what the Ruthless Aggression Era was like rather than the raunchy Attitude Era.

But before conclusions can be jumped to about what is going to happen, we should expect nothing too over the top.

While Lesnar was allowed to “speak his mind” in his interview on Raw, don't expect the WWE to pull back on the newer policies that it has created to make a safer environment for its workers like unprotected chair shots to the head or excessive bleeding. But do expect both guys to push the pace of the match, especially with the buildup that this angle is getting.

The problem with this whole thing is that Cena is still being looked upon poorly by the fans, when the WWE clearly wants him to be the babyface in this. Just look back at Raw when Cena appeared and had boos rained down upon him. This of course leads to his usual “rise above the hate” speech that we've been hearing over and over, which creates more hate towards him.

The only person who is getting more hate right now is John Laurinaitis, who is backing Lesnar in this feud. And here lies the problem that the WWE is facing and handling in the wrong way. They aren't letting the crowd dictate who is a face and who is a heel.

As reported earlier today, fans at this Monday's Raw reported that crew members at the show were trying to stop fans from chanting “Yes!” in support for Daniel Bryan, due to the fact that he is supposed to be a heel. The problem here is that fans want to root for Bryan no matter how much the WWE wants us to hate him. The same goes for Tweener Lesnar.

While we are supposed to be cheering for Cena and Sheamus, many fans aren't for numerous reasons. For Cena, it's because of his character becoming stale and in the same position he's been in for years. Sheamus is getting booed due to the fact of how he won the World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan, and his current gimmick of attacking referees, though he may be able to turn it around in his favor.

It's the same type of thing that WCW did when it wanted fans to like who WCW wanted them to, no matter what. And when that didn't work, they put the screws to the wrestlers who were getting over and weren't supposed to.

The WWE needs to let the fans choose who to support and then work from that. That's what they did during the Attitude Era and because of it guys like the Rock, Steve Austin and Triple H became superstars. The WWE is scared right now, as they have been for the past few years, to spice it up with Cena, but if they were ever going to do something, now is the time.

Even if he is just a Tween character it would be a huge change for what fans have been seeing for nine years now in concern to Cena. So time will tell in the coming weeks with these wrestlers. Hopefully, it will be something that fans can enjoy, rather than what we've been almost forced fed for years.