Funniest 'Photobombs' in Sports

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Funniest 'Photobombs' in Sports

Ever wonder why people etch their names on park benches, scrawl them on toilet-stall dividers or spray paint them on highway overpasses? What is that about, really? Is it some sort of claim to ownership? Artistic expression?

Well, many would argue it's a way of fighting off mortality. That bench, that toilet stall and that overpass will be there for generations to come. We, sadly, won't. So we live on through our tagging.

But hey, this is the 21st century. Spray paint and magic markers? Pshaw! Tagging has gone digital. Want to live forever? Then make your mark in photos and videos.

Throw some pro athletes into the tagging formula and immortality is guaranteed. People will be viewing these pics in cyberspace for eons—especially if they are funny.

So click on to see 20 of the most hilarious, most truly immortal "photobombs" in sports.

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