Mets Fans Should Be Happy To See Their Players in the WBC

Wendy AdairAnalyst IJanuary 24, 2009

Much has been made of the Mets sending their players to compete in the WBC in March.

The teams should hold players back if they are rehabbing an injury, but other than that, there is no reason why the Mets should be made to feel negligent for sending their position players. 

The managers are well aware of the talents and strengths of the players that they ask to be on their team and if these guys want to represent their country in this tournament, they should have our full support.

Obviously there is always concern about injury, but that can happen anytime, anywhere. 

Just last week on the U.S. Airways Flight that landed in Hudson River, David Wright was falsely rumored to be on that plane.

If he were in fact on that plane or any other type of accident, even in his own home, he would still potentially miss part of the regular season. 

Davey Johnson, who is manager of Team USA, wanted Wright to play third base for him, especially in the aftermath of A-Rod deciding to play for Dominican Republic.

Make no mistake, his power, speed and defense will more than likely propel Team USA into the finals.

Puerto Rico is being represented in part by Carlos Beltran and Delgado, two of the Mets veteran leaders who have both missed significant time due to injury in recent years, but both want to play for their country and that should be respected.

Jose Reyes has applied for US citizenship, but is playing for his home nation of Dominican Republic, which I am sure, is anxious to have him on its team.

The Mets players will be following the tournament closely and will be cheering on their teammates, and that's what we as fans should do; we cheer for our team, but our players are what draw us to root for our teams, so they should not be discouraged from showcasing their talents.