Ronde Barber on Possible Role as Bucs Safety: "I'm Tiny"

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IApril 18, 2012

Do you want Ronde Barber in a major collision at safety?
Do you want Ronde Barber in a major collision at safety?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Seems everyone's all excited out there with this "throw it against the wall" experiment of having venerable, future Hall of Fame corner Ronde Barber back there at safety.

Keep this in mind: Barber is 5'10", 184 pounds by his own admission.

"I'm tiny," Barber confessed recently. Still, being the good team guy he is, he offered, "I'll fit in where I fit in. They know I'm here to help this team win no matter what role I'm in."


That's the key word here. At age 37, guys aren't as sturdy as they were at 27 and you might recall that Barber suffered a nasty broken arm in the final game last season that required surgery.

Now a lot of this hootie-patootie safety stuff may also depend on the status of Aqib Talib. If you believe what you read, the Bucs are desperately trying to trade the bum at or prior to the upcoming draft, but can you believe there are no takers for Raheem Morris' "wild child"? Hey, if the Redskins aren't willing to trade for Talib, then don't bet on any GM with an ounce of sense wanting to make a play for him.

The Barber safety experiment also depends on Mo Claiborne. If the Bucs can get Claiborne, then maybe Barber does see some action back there, albeit on a limited basis. It simply doesn't make sense to expose "Tiny" Ronde to the extraordinary contact that can occur (ask John Lynch) back there.


If there's no Mo Claiborne, are you willing to start Eric Wright ahead of Ronde Barber? If you are, then you better head back to your class in Defensive Backfield Coaching 101.

Right now, you've got Barber, Talib, Eric Wright, E.J. Biggers, Anthony Gaitor and Myron Lewis as your rostered corners.

Lewis is 6'2", 203 pounds, and he's the guy who they should most likely look at from the safety position aspect.

Problem is, Myron Lewis sucked at corner.

Would he be any better at safety?

At least he's not "tiny."