Tennessee Titans 2012 Schedule: Game by Game Best and Worst-Case Scenarios

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistApril 18, 2012

Things are looking up for Mike Munchak.
Things are looking up for Mike Munchak.Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The 2012 schedule is out and everyone is taking a crack at the impossible: trying to predict records before the draft.

I can't resist getting in on the game. I'm going to go through the schedule of all four teams in the AFC South and try to find the probable wins and losses, as well as map out a best and worst-case scenario.

Up next is the Tennessee Titans. Games that I project to be sure losses (less than a 20 percent chance to win) are in bold italics. Games that are sure wins (80 percent chance to win) are in bold. Afterward, I'll pick a best-case scenario built around the Titans winning 75 percent of the toss-up games.


Week 1: New England L

Here's the biggest compliment I can pay the Titans: I don't think this is a sure loss.

Week 2: @ San Diego L

If this game were in Tennessee, I'd give them a win.

Week 3: Detroit W

I like the Lions a lot, but the Titans can shut down their passing game. They get on the board with their first win of the year.

Week 4: @ Houston L

They'll be underdogs against Houston, but I never expect a division game to be easy.

Week 5: @ Minnesota W

This game may need to be a season saver. The opening stretch for the Titans is brutal.

Week 6: Pittsburgh (Thursday Night Football) W

I love the Titans at home here.

Week 7: @ Buffalo W

This is a road game against a beatable opponent. If the Titans are a playoff team, this is a game they must win.

Week 8: Indianapolis W

Hard not to call this a sure win for the Titans, but they lost to Indy in 2012, so they don't get the certainty.

Week 9: Chicago W

This is a tough game at home, but a good team should win it.

Week 10: @ Miami W

The Titans get on a roll and move to 7-3 after a rough start

Week 11: Bye

Week 12: @ Jacksonville L

This is a tough division road game. I think the Titans will fall.

Week 13: Houston W

Tennessee starts to dream about the playoffs following a big win over the Texans. They stand at 8-4 and need just a couple of more wins to claim the division.

Week 14: @ Indianapolis L

I just don't think the Titans will beat the Colts in Indy. If they didn't do it last year, I can't see them doing it this year.

Week 15: New York Jets (Monday Night Football) W

I don't think the Jets are very good. The Titans move to 9-5.

Week 16: @ Green Bay L

It's snowing. It's cold. It's a lousy Christmas in Nashville.

Week 17: Jacksonville W

Needing one more win to nail down a playoff berth, the Titans get it and sneak in on tie-breakers.


The Titans are a tough team to project. We still don't know who the starting quarterback will be. They are a middle of the pack club and the season could break good or bad. However, I tend to be optimistic about them. I think they are a playoff team in waiting, but I wouldn't be shocked if they had a raft of injuries and fell back some either.


Projected record: 10-6

Sure Wins: 2

Sure Losses: 2

Best-Case Scenario: 11-5

Worst-Case Scenario: 5-11