WWE Opinion: Triple H, JBL and Bringing Back the Super Heel

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WWE Opinion: Triple H, JBL and Bringing Back the Super Heel
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Pro-wrestling is a physical theater showcasing the battle of good and evil. Both sides have their own representative gladiators—the heroic "babyfaces" on the side of good and the villainous "heels" on the side of evil.

While the babyfaces (or faces) embody good qualities like sportsmanship, fair play and display of moral qualities, the heels display arrogance, unsportsmanlike conduct, unfair tactics and occasionally, even resort to the use of terror.

What has to be understood, however, is that it is not the goodness of the face that makes the feud entertaining as much as the villainy of the heel. John Cena is proof of the fact that being "too good" does not make a face popular when his opponents are not evil enough.

The face can be an "Average Joe" who is just trying to make his way in the world. But, the feud ultimately depends on the amount of evil the heel can showcase. We like to cheer for the underdog hero against a huge villain.

The great works of modern fiction—Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars—appeal to the masses because a seemingly average or weak hero—Harry, Frodo, Luke— is facing an evil that is too big to be completely grasped—Voldemort, Sauron, The Evil Empire.

Similarly, in pro-wrestling the best feuds are not made by the most heroic or powerful heroes, but by the most dastardly and villainous heels.

In the following slides, I discuss the qualities of a Super Heel and how they can bring more engaging storylines to the WWE.

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