Video: Trailer for Miami Marlins in Showtime's 'The Franchise'

Ian CasselberryMLB Lead WriterApril 17, 2012

Hanley Ramirez in a clip from "The Franchise."
Hanley Ramirez in a clip from "The Franchise."

After the Ozzie Guillen uproar last week, are you ready to see him and the Miami Marlins in the new season of Showtime's The Franchise?

A sneak preview of the new season will be shown this coming Saturday at 9 p.m. ET. The series will premiere on July 11.

And yes, the Guillen-Fidel Castro situation is part of the show. How could it not be, right? Drama! Oh, that's another network, isn't it?

Sun-Sentinel beat writer Juan C. Rodriguez has provided clips from the show on his blog. Here is a trailer for the show.

Who knew Hanley Ramirez could be such a sore video game loser?

But I like that the show will apparently give us a behind-the-scenes look at the final construction and rollout of the new Marlins Park. Have we really seen that sort of thing before? Plus, maybe we'll get some more in-depth stuff on the home run sculpture and the choice to go with a lime-green interior.

Judging from the trailer, we'll also get some insight on the decision to include Muhammad Ali in Opening Night pregame festivities. (Though it's probably too much to hope for some genuine candor on the matter.) 

The dynamic between Guillen and Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria also looks like it could make for some good TV moments. But do we really want to follow Loria around while he's acquiring art?

I know that's how he made his money, but let's just keep those cameras rolling around South Beach instead. That's an off-field environment unlike any other in baseball. 

You know, if Showtime really wanted to juice things up, it could have a crossover with Miami's fictional righteous serial killer. Ozzie and Dexter out on the town would be must-see TV.