A Look Back at the 12 Funniest Rants in Sports

Vinny Hardy@http://twitter.com/VinnyHardyCorrespondent IApril 20, 2012

A Look Back at the 12 Funniest Rants in Sports

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    How do great rants and meltdowns happen?

    The wrong question at the wrong time is all it takes. 

     Sometimes players and coaches going off is premeditated.

    Sometimes it's unexpected.  No matter how they come about they are funny and entertaining.

    Every meltdown has its own identity.  Let's look back at 12 of the greatest.

    Let the countdown begin!

Honorable Mention: Frank Martin

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    South Carolina just got itself a good basketball coach in Frank Martin.

    Saying Frank Martin is animated is like saying Kevin Durant is a tad thin.

    Although he hasn't had an epic meltdown, Martin makes the list based on meltdown potential.

    Notice what he says within the first minute: "You guys are trying to get under my skin today haven't you?" 

    "I've been pretty respectful of the media my whole career."

    Translation: I've been nice for years, but when you guys push me over the edge it will be justified.

Honorable Mention: A.I.

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    So this isn't a full blown meltdown in the true sense of the word.

    A.I. does reach varying degrees of agitated and perturbed at different points though.

    Besides, we can never see this video enough anyway.

10. Ryan Leaf

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    Oh for the days of this incident being the worst of Ryan Leaf's problems.

    The fact that the late great Junior Seau is one of the people escorting Leaf away from the reporter makes this even more hilarious at the time.

    At this moment, it's safe to say the Colts probably breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they drafted that Manning kid.

9. Herm Edwards

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    Any time perspectives get a little skewed and the focus shifts a little to much toward contracts and the like, think of Herm.

    If there ever comes a time when we can't remember why we play, just listen to Herm.

    Herm Edwards is always here to put everything and everyone back in their place.  Hello!!

8. Mike Ditka

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    What do we care?

    Ditka and his Saints were the ones who were 2-7.

    Mail it in mode came early that year, which opened up more opportunities to see rants like this.

7. Mike Singletary

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    We go from Mike Ditka to the heart and soul of his Bears defense.

    Mike Singletary is old school and proud of it.

    He wanted winners.

    Last season a lot of those guys he chastised did a lot of winning.

    A break here or there and it would have been his former players in last year's Super Bowl instead of the Giants.

6. Kevin Borseth

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    We've reached the sleeper portion of the list.  This is the dark horse.

    Not sure if anyone had heard of Kevin Borseth or paid much attention to the Michigan women's basketball program.

    Borseth and that punching bag that was masquerading as a podium sure changed that pretty quick.

    Not sure anyone has paid much attention to Kevin Borseth and Michigan women's basketball since.

    Not only did we get to know him in two minutes, we also found out how he felt.

5. Bobby Knight

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    To say that Bob Knight is proficient at acting a fool is the understatement of all understatements.

    Maybe one day he will stop misremembering and figure out the state that borders Indiana to the south.

    In the meantime, this might be his best 12 seconds of work.

4. Jim Mora

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    He is so right.

    Five turnovers will cause you to lose to anybody on any level.

    That is a disgrace, especially at the NFL level.

    The falsetto he gets while yelling "Playoffs!" is what's so funny.

    Makes you forget how mad he really is. 

3. Denny Green

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    Classic, just classic.

    Denny even incorporates a Kevin Borseth style podium/mic punch minus the flying leap.

    The Bears are who we thought they were.

    Aside from their Super Bowl run a few years ago, the Cardinals are always who we think they are.


2. Jim Rome/Jim Everett

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    Romie has moved on and simply refers to this as "The Incident" now.

    Jim "Don't call me Chris" Everett is famous for this.

    If only Rams fans could have had on-field memories of Everett as legendary as this one.

1A. Mike Gundy

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    Just to be clear, then only thing a woman can be a mother of is children.

    Nice job of stating the obvious by Gundy there.

    It's really good that he gives his player props for respecting the media.

    It's almost as if he hopes his player's respect will cancel out his disrespect.

    Good thing Gundy was 40 at the time this went down because "Come after me, I'm 37!!" "I'm a man!!!" just wouldn't have had the same effect.

Hal McRae

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    Hal McRae was sick and tired.  He was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Such is life for anyone associated with the Kansas City Royals for the last quarter century.

    Hal felt his intelligence was questioned one to many times.

    It was time to snap.

    The pirouette alone makes this rant an all time classic.

    The fact that he started tossing random items off of his desk before that is just gravy.

    The fact that an innocent reporter got caught in the crossfire just puts it over the top.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!