USA vs. The World? My Revolutionary Idea to Fix the NBA All-Star Debacle

Chase RuttigCorrespondent INovember 5, 2016

The NBA All-Star Game starters were announced yesterday and, to be honest, I was underwhelmed by the results. Here are the selections:

East Starters

Center: Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic

Power Forward: Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics

Small Forward: LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Shooting Guard: Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat

Point Guard: Allen Iverson, Detroit Pistons


West Starters

Center: Yao Ming, Houston Rockets

Power Forward: Amare Stoudemire, Phoenix Suns

Small Forward: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

Point Guard: Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets

Yao Ming and Allen Iverson are first team NBA All-Stars? Tim Duncan is a small forward? I thought he was the best power forward of all time a couple of years ago, right ESPN? 

Well, your good friend Chase Ruttig has come up with the solution to this debacle:

The United States Vs. The World

This would be a vast improvement over the sometimes embarrassing and lopsided All-Star games of the past and would allow the rightful players to play and start in the game.

The format would go as follows:


1. Any player not born inside the U.S. will play for the World Team

This means that the teams would be a lot more even than the Olympics. The world team would include the likes of Nash, Parker, Ginobli, Gasol, Nowitzki and Ming as a starting five.

This would make for a much more competitive atmosphere and there would be pride at stake—because honestly, is there any pride in beating a conference you likely will be playing in next year?


2. NBA sets list of players eligible to be All-Star starter 

This is idea helps prevent certain stupid 11-year-olds from voting for Gilbert Arenas even though he doesn't plan to play for the Wizards this year.

Also, this prevents the infamous China vote from occurring which gets you Iverson, Yao, and McGrady as All-Star regulars while Chris Bosh sits at home.

The list likely would be adjusted to accommodate players who have been having a good first half so all the Danny Grangers of the world could make their case.


3. Reserves are picked by the coaches as usual

Nothing is wrong with this idea as the reserve process almost always fixes the injustices in the voting. Speaking of which....

4. Positions must be more tightly defined 

This is the part that pisses me off to no end.  

The current format allows for one center, two forwards, and two guards.

What is this? High school basketball?

Duncan is not a swing man and Iverson and Wade are surely not play-makers, so why should the All-Star Game be any different?

Tighten up the positions and have the best players in their respective positions.  If your not the best at your position you shouldn't start at another position—simple as that.

5. Winner gets some sort of trophy 

This should be some sort of event that gives the winner some sort of pride and makes the game a tad faster. Plus, the U.S. loves proving they are better than everyone else, so this could likely turn out to be a big-time event.

Well, that's my idea so tell me your opinions on my plan and feedback for my article. Include what you think your lineups would be and who would win.