Jim Irsay Giving Away a BMW to Winner of His Twitter NFL Draft Contest

Clint Evans@@diamondhoggersCorrespondent IApril 15, 2012

Jim Irsay wants you behind the wheel of a brand new BMW.
Jim Irsay wants you behind the wheel of a brand new BMW.Joey Foley/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts' crazy owner is at it again, folks.

This time, he aims to give the person who correctly guesses every first round pick their choice of a brand new BMW. As a consolation prize for us all, he sprinkled in hints that Andrew Luck will be the first overall selection of the Colts' new era.

A few tweets in his timeline after asking if any followers knew the secret meaning behind the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty (unfortunately I have no clue), Irsay hit us with a Sunday morning bombshell.

Now,let's talk about this NFL Draft BMW contest! At some point in the next week and a half,there will be an 8 hour window to put ur guess in

Then and only then,you'll have 1 chance to guess the 1st round picks,number and player only,not team..to avoid the impossibility of trades

You'll need 3 or 4 tweets to convey your guess,use abbreviations but be clear on players name,1 guess only and Abbys hatpick to break ties

The interesting tidbits he offered did not stop there, as long as you were paying attention closely.

Irsay then provided us with a clear example of what he's looking for when he opens the submission period. At the risk of my spellchecker exploding in the future, here are Irsay's own top three picks, with Andrew Luck clearly listed as Irsay's number one selection.

Example- 1)luck 2)RG3 3)R Tanneh. Etc,etc...abbreviate when possible but be clear,ONLY 8 hour period for guessing will be used for contest

Also interesting is that Irsay reiterates that Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill will go No. 3 overall. Irsay could have been simply using a random example, except the Colts owner seems to have a sneaking suspicion that a team will trade into the third overall spot to take Tannehill.

Irsay also said that the winner of his contest will be brought to Indianapolis to have a picture taken with the first overall pick. Examine the last few careful words of this particular Irsay tweet.

Winner will be brought in for photo session and red carpet picking of car color and picture with Colts #1 pick! Good Luck!!!

Coincidence? Nothing is a coincidence when the Colts owner is tweeting. Irsay is like a regular old Martha Stewart with all the insider hints he drops—with Disney movie references and Gordon Lightfoot lyrics mixed in sporadically.