Oakland Raiders: The Great Expectation for 2012 Is Growth, Power and Consistency

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Oakland Raiders: The Great Expectation for 2012 Is Growth, Power and Consistency
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As you watch Reggie McKenzie and compare him with former coach Hue Jackson, who has been called a football czar, you see day and night. McKenzie represents "day" because he has had the courage to make extreme changes in the Oakland Raiders' lineup.

McKenzie is cool and careful, while Jackson was excited and talkative.

McKenzie is the football warrior with surprise attacks planned in his head, while Jackson was the guy who aggressively approached his opponent with noise and motion.

It reminds me of the cultures that made loud, aggressive sounds when they approached a battle, while other cultures were silent and strategic and quietly approached and conquered their opponents.

One BR member, David Martinez, said in the comment strand of one of my articles:

I predict the entire culture and scheme will change for the Raiders organization. Not to mention there will be a lot of new faces on the team. We may not recognize the team when the season starts in 2012. I think that's a good thing. I would even like to see some new uniforms, nothing drastic. Just some black pants with silver stripe, silver jersey/w black numbers, then a black helmet with the silver shield. Yeah, change is good.

I totally agree with David. The great expectation for 2012 is a team that is consistent, effective and strategic in its execution of fine plays to win games back to back and with powerful "finishing" behaviors in the fourth quarter of tight games.

Another great expectation is that the electricity between Carson Palmer and his wide receivers will be powerful and accurate. Let's hope those receptions per yard will make a dramatic increase in 2012 for each and every one of the wide receivers.

Our expectation is that there will be a healthy Darren McFadden in 2012. The power and determination that McFadden brings to the team is a necessary component to secure more victories in 2012.

As Martinez said, "Yeah, change is good."

Dennis Allen has a different leadership and coaching style from Jackson. As such, the great expectation is that the results of his decision making and style will produce the outcomes desired by the Raider Nation.

What's expected? The answer that Mr. Al Davis gave us and it still rings in our ears: Just win, baby!

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