Liverpool FC: Jamie Carragher's 7 Worst Moments This Season

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentApril 14, 2012

Liverpool FC: Jamie Carragher's 7 Worst Moments This Season

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    Liverpool is through to the FA Cup final, but Jamie Carragher’s calamitous mistake threatened to derail the Reds.

    To start Carragher in such an important game when he has made mistake after mistake is kamikaze management from Kenny Dalglish.

    If Liverpool wants to win the FA Cup, Dalglish cannot start Carragher. 

    If you disagree, here are Carragher's seven worst moments this season. 

7. Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Liverpool, 18 September 2011

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    Jamie Carragher didn’t make any mistakes (as he did in previous weeks), but he was dragged all over the place by Emmanuel Adebayor. 

    In the post-match interview, Adebayor said: "We know that if we run in behind Carragher and Agger, we give them a lot of trouble."

    When Carragher decided to charge out to Adebayor, the Togolese forward would play an incisive pass, attacking the vacant space behind Carragher. 

    Adebayor made four passes that were turned into shots. 

6. Liverpool 3-1 Bolton Wanderers, 27 August 2011

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    Jamie Carragher allowed Martin Petrov to cut in from the left and whilst the Liverpool defender made a successful tackle, it rebounded to Ivan Klasnić for a late consolation goal. 

5. Stoke City 1-0 Liverpool, 10 September 2011

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    The issue at hand isn’t whether or not the penalty was justified, it was Jamie Carragher failing to keep up with Jonathan Walters after being caught out by a simple ball over the top. 

4. Liverpool 1-1 Manchester United, 15 October 2011

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    Jamie Carragher was beaten to the corner by Danny Welbeck, whose header enabled Chicharito to poach the equalising goal. 

3. Queens Park Rangers 3-2 Liverpool, 14 March 2012

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    Shaun Derry out-jumped Jamie Carragher to head in QPR’s first goal, which precipitated Liverpool’s downfall. 

2. Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal, 3 March 2012

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    Robin van Persie was alert whilst Jamie Carragher was switched off. That is why he failed to get in front of van Persie for Arsenal's first goal. 

1. Liverpool 2-1 Everton, 14 April 2012

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    Indecisiveness, poor football IQ and a terrible clearance from Jamie Carragher led to Everton's first goal in the FA Cup semifinals. 

    Why was Carragher even starting? 


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