Carolina Panthers Are in Trouble

Marcus WilliamsContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

First and foremost, I think the biggest issue for Carolina isn't on the team, it's the coaching staff. Yes, thank God that Trgovac is finally gone, as well as all the other subpar coaches that were responsible for this years average season.

Really...who did the Panthers play this year? When Jake Delhomme throws four interceptions in a Raiders game, I start to question my coaching staff, as well as upper management.

With the schedule we had, we should of lost two games, maybe. So, ultimately, changes need to be made especially if we plan on contending for another divisional championship.

I have two options for Peppers, either you franchise him and trade him, or you let him go. Either way, he needs to go, unless he has a change of attitude. You don't change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 on the account of one players feelings.

The guy doesn't want to play here anymore, so how about we find somebody who does. I'm tired of Peppers showing up whenever he wants. Yeah, I know he had a breakout season this year, but I have to ask again...Who did we play this year? NOBODY!

There is no question that Jordan Gross is a must-keep and a valuable asset to this offensive line. By all means necessary, keep him, unless there is somebody else available. Ultimately, I hate Jake Delhomme for all the suffering and pain he has caused me and the other Panther fans.

It's clear to see that he has definitely lost a step after recovering from the Tommy John surgery. Only Brett Favre, Jay Cutler, and Drew Brees through more interceptions than Jake, and they all threw at least 22 touchdowns compared to Jake's 16. I still think we should of made a move on Daunte Culpepper.

The way DeAngelo and Jonathon, are running, you can put anybody behind center. Find somebody who can get the ball to Steve Smith. Michael Vick?

Ultimately, starting NFL quarterbacks get paid to convert on third-downs and make plays. Jake has come up short for me for too long, and I have officially lost all faith in his ability to make plays for this team.

With no No. 1 draft pick, free agency issues, and coaching issues, we're on the way to another subpar season, where I see every other subpar team improving but ours! It's going to be a long offseason and an even longer regular season, where I doubt I will watch every Panthers game like I did this year, unless I see some changes made!