Washington Redskins' 2009 Draft Predictions

Semi-Sweet MoContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

In the 2008 NFL Draft, the Redskins used their first three draft picks, all of which were in the second round, on a Tight End and two Wide Receivers. The problem with these picks were that those positions were already taken care of.

Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly were both chosen to play flank Wide Receiver. Devin Thomas proved to be useful at times like four receiver sets but does not get a lot of playing time. This is because of the player in front of them, one of the most explosive players in the NFL, Santana Moss.

So with all of the firepower that the Redskins have on skill positions and strength on D-fence, how did the Redskins finish the year at 8-8? Battles lost in the trenches.

Battles won on the line pave the way for success but this can also go the other way. Clinton Portis and Jason Campbell can only do so much with limited protection but they can also be as good as any other offence with proper blocking.

If there were any position where the Redskins clearly need help re-building, it is on the O-line. Four out of five of the starters have been playing for seven years or more.

One person I could see the Redskins taking is Cedrick Dockery, a guard out of Texas. The 6'4'', 315-pound statue helped lead Texas to a win in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl. He would most likely end up taking the spot of Pete Kendall at Left Guard, who has been in the NFL for 13 years.

Another guy that could end up on the line for the 'Skins is Kraig Urbik. During his tenure in college, he has shown to be versatile play both at Right Guard and Tackle. He has also shown that he is durable by registering over 50 starts for the Badgers.

Someone who could play on the other side of the line is Herman Johnson. The 6'8'', 350-pound Guard was the biggest player in LSU history. This guy could go quick though.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Redskins should look at Terrill Byrd of Cincinnati. In 13 games, the explosive Defensive Tackle recorded eight sacks. Plus he has a pretty low stock, so the 'Skins could hold off until the sixth or seventh round to pick him up. 

Regardless of who the Redskins actually pick, they need to make sure that there is support around their play-makers. Just like a theatrical performance, the ones that go unnoticed are as important as the ones putting on the show.