UFC on Fuel TV 2: 5 Reasons Why We Are Glad the UFC Break Is Almost Over

Walt J.@area49sportsCorrespondent IApril 12, 2012

UFC on Fuel TV 2: 5 Reasons Why We Are Glad the UFC Break Is Almost Over

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    It has been 40 days and 40 nights (well…depending on when you read this) since the last UFC event on March 3rd. This break in live, non-TUF action has been nothing short of painful for hardcore mixed martial arts fans. 

    While there has been some decent action by some of the smaller promotions, including Bellator, UFC on Fuel TV 2 will serve as that glass of ice water in the UFC-less hell that we’ve been subjected to. 

    I will admit I was one of the people who accused Dana White and the UFC brass of over-saturation and thought that fans would welcome the break. That didn’t last very long. As the UFC makes its triumphant non-TUF related return, here are a few things that I have missed the most during the break.

Better Topics

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    Allow me to poke fun at myself for a minute. As a sportswriter, it’s a little difficult to keep coming up with fresh topics when your sport isn’t active. 

    Granted, there’s Bellator, The Ultimate Fighter, as well as various MMA news items, but without any fight cards lined up, it makes it a little difficult. 

    The break in action reminds me of Super Bowl week; I can only analyze the next game—or in MMA comparison, Jones vs. Evans—but so many times.  

    However, I’ve found fun little ways to mix it up, or depending on your views, waste some virtual ink.

Quality Time with Loved Ones

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    Now I’m not implying that fight fans do not regularly enjoy time with family and friends. What I am referring to is our “tradition,” so to speak. 

    Given that there’s a UFC card practically every other week or so, I’m sure there’s a certain place or group you like to watch the fights with.

    Take myself, my wife and I usually go to a local sports bar, eat, drink beer and watch the fights.  She nearly got into a fight with a guy who said Lesnar was the greatest UFC fighter of all time. 

    Moments like that remind me why I fell in love, with her and the UFC.

Arianny & Brittney

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    Yes, they stand behind the fighters and clap at the weigh in. Yes, they hold a card with a number on it and circle the ring every five minutes. 

    Answer me this, can you give the first and last name of ANY ring girl from ANY boxing match EVER?  I didn’t think so.

    Aside from being smoking hot, Arianny and Brittney are staples of the UFC.  Watching them grace UFC fans with their presence from cage-side is a nice little treat between rounds. 

    It’s usually good for starting at least one “who’s hotter” conversation during every UFC event.  So much so that I felt a “tale of the tape” was necessary to settle it once and for all.  You be the judge.

Mike Goldberg & Joe Rogan

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    Aside from being a huge MMA fan, I’m an even bigger football fan. 

    One of the negatives of watching football is that you could be spending three hours of your life at the mercy of vomit-inducing commentary—i.e. Matt Millen and Joe Theisman. Who came up with that pairing? 

    One of the things the UFC has nailed is their ability to put on great commentators in Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan. 

    Goldberg brings the excitement and “play-by-play” of the fight, while Rogan gives analysis and breakdown of the fighters and their technique, similar to an NFL color analyst.

    Goldberg’s popularity, as well as his love of catchphrases and occasional repetitiveness, is noted enough to even inspire a drinking game.  I haven’t tried it yet, but now that the UFC is getting back to action, this may warrant some “research."

The Fights

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    Whether you’re paying $54.95 to watch at home or a $50 bar tab to watch with some buddies, this is what we came to see. 

    While the ring girls and Goldberg & Rogan are great, in the end we come to see the fights. 

    With UFC on Fuel TV 2, we get to see the return of Thiago Silva from a year-long layoff as well as UFC light heavyweight up-and-comer Alexander Gustafsson fighting in front of his home country of Sweden. 

    A week later, the long-awaited fight between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and former champion Rashad Evans will finally come to fruition.

    That is what the UFC is about, putting the best fighters in the world against each other.  It all boils down to the two guys squaring off in the cage. 

    That is what puts butts in seats.  That is what brings in the pay-per-view revenue.  That is what I have missed the most.


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