4 Free Agency Moves the New York Giants Didn't Make That Could Haunt Them

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIApril 12, 2012

4 Free Agency Moves the New York Giants Didn't Make That Could Haunt Them

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    The New York Giants have kept things pretty routine this offseason. They let a couple people go, and they quietly bring in new talent.

    However, there's a few things they haven't done yet that could haunt them next year.

    I still like what they've done this offseason, especially today, but let's have a little fun anyways. 

Only Bringing in One Offensive Lineman

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    The New York Giants front office realized that their offensive line sucks, right?

    Because everyone else does, and I really doubt Eli Manning wants to spent another season with a patchwork O-line. 

    Obviously some time off to rest and a year under their belt will help, but losing leadership in Kareem McKenzie will hurt unless some more moves are made between now and Week 1. 

    No offense to Sean Locklear, who could definitely help the line out, but I'm not sure if he'll be enough on his own. 

Not Re-Signing Brandon Jacobs

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    It's a little premature to say this now, but losing Brandon Jacobs could hurt the New York Giants in goal line situations. 

    He didn't put up the best numbers last year with only 571 yards rushing and seven touchdowns, but he was always a threat to score in the red zone.

    I'm not really sure who's going to be the new power back for the G-Men, or if they'll even get another one at all. 

Where's the Return Game?

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    Not sure what's going on here, but the New York Giants need some help here bad.

    Like really bad. 

    Getting Domenik Hixon is great, but he's coming off an ACL tear, I wouldn't exactly bank on him fixing the Giants' return woes. 

Kevin Gilbride

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    The title says it all. Kevin Gilbride just isn't a good offensive coordinator. 

    I know Eli Manning loves him, and that's why he'd be a great quarterback coach if Gilbride went back to doing that.

    Manning doesn't really need a QB coach or an OC at this point in this career, nonetheless an OC who loved calling running plays the first two downs and then tried to force the issue with a passing plan the whole stadium knew was coming.

    If Gilbride lets Eli run the show next year, I'll have no problem with him, but I don't see this happening, which is why keeping him around could haunt the Giants' repeat chances.