The Jets' QB Dilemma: What Needs to Happen

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

On Monday, the Jets filled their coaching vacancy by hiring coach Rex Ryan. The first order of business for Ryan will be dealing with his QB situation. Here are three options for the new coach, and what he should do at quarterback.


Scenario One: Bring Favre Back

There is a feeling of unfinished business with Favre at the helm, and I would not put all of the blame for the collapse of the Jets on him. Need proof? Let's look back at the Patriots' and Titans' games.

The Jets defeated both AFC giants with a consistent strategy. Pound the ball and utilize short passes. The Jets completely abandoned that strategy after the win against the Titans. If the Jets can stick to that game plan they can succeed with Favre at the wheel. He was also injured and should be healthy next year.

Rex Ryan needs to sit Favre down and tell him he has unfinished business with the team. I think if Rex plays his cards right, Favre will come back. But who knows with him?


Scenario Two: Trade for Derek Anderson

If Favre retires or leaves, this should be the second option. The Browns passed the torch from Anderson to Quinn in the middle of the season, making it fairly clear that Quinn is the future of their franchise. And I doubt the Browns are going to keep him just so he can warm the bench.

Yes, Anderson had a shaky year, but he almost carried the Browns to the playoffs in 2007. He was in the top 10 in passing yards, and the top five in touchdowns thrown. Also, he's only 25 so he has a lot of potential to improve.


Scenario Three: Let Kellen Clemens Start

This is the worst-case scenario. Kellen Clemens has potential, but he isn't ready yet. If the Jets can't find another alternative at QB, though, he will have to start.

He has performed poorly as a starter thus far, throwing five touchdowns and 10 picks in 2007, but the offensive line was porous, allowing him to be sacked 27 times. If scenarios one and two fall though, he is going to have to be the guy. Clemens would lower expectations for the team, but if they start him now he could improve enough to be a good player in the future.


The Jets will have a tougher schedule this year so it is difficult to say how they will fare. With a decent QB and D-Rex as the coach, the Jets can be a playoff contender.