Should the Kansas City Chiefs Go to a 3-4 Defense?

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2009

Ever since it was rumored that the Chiefs were interested in getting Scott Pioli, I had been thinking about the possibility of the Chiefs switching to a 3-4 defense.

Scott Pioli has already proved that he can build a very solid 3-4 defense in New England and with the current state of the Chiefs defense I say now is just as good as time as any to build a 3-4.

Here is how I think some of our current players would fit into a 3-4 Defense.

Tank Tyler: Tank has the size and the strength to be a NT in a 3-4 defense (remember when Tank was drafted he benched more than anyone else at the combine). The question is whether he has the ability to play this position as NT is a very key position in the 3-4.

Glenn Dorsey: This is very interesting situation. I think that Dorsey’s ability to penetrate (shown at LSU), and especially since he does not have the size that most like in a NT, that he would make a great 3-4 DE. Now, some would say why would ‘waste’ a No. 5 overall pick on a 3-4 DE, and to that say I say ‘who cares.’ 

You put your players in the best position for them to succeed. Am I saying that this is the best position for him to succeed in? No, but I’m saying that it could be.

Derrick Johnson: I think that DJ could benefit more than most if the Chiefs went to a 3-4 defense. I’m not sure if DJ would play an outside or one of the middle LB positions, but the 3-4 would definitely allow him to roam around me and get after the QB, something that he has shown flashes of.

Turk McBride: In this scenario, it would appear that the Chiefs' front three would consist of Tank, Dorsey, and Turk/Tamba. So, whoever the Chiefs think would better fit the mold of a 3-4 DE would most likely get the nod here.

Tamba Hali: Same as Turk.

Brandon Flowers: Although Flowers was drafted to be a cover-two corner he did enough to show me that he can hang one-on-one with almost any WR in the league. So I would not worry about Flowers whether he is in man or zone coverage.

Brandon Carr: Same as Flowers.

Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page: Page and Pollard would retain their post at their respective safety positions. In my perspective they done enough to keep their jobs on the current team (as there is no one better then them on the current roster), but not enough to not be replaced if somebody better comes along (via draft or FA).

Of course all of this is just speculation and will change once free agency and draft take place. I am of the mindset that I will trust Pioli will make the right decisions until proven otherwise.

Now, with that said here is a some of what I would do to address the transfer to a 3-4 defense in FA and the draft (if the Chiefs went 3-4 of course).

3-4 Addressed in Free Agency and the Draft

Sign Terrell Suggs: The Chiefs definitely have enough cap room to take a chance on Suggs in free agency. Suggs would add some instant credibility to the Chiefs defense and is a sack artist. We all know who badly the Chiefs needs someone who can take down the QB. 

He also has played big in big-time games (at least from what I saw this post-season, even baring injury and also that fact that he is a veteran who has played in big games is big). His closing speed on the QB is what really impressed me.

If the Chiefs did go to a 3-4 defense this would allow them to not worry about getting a top flight DE in the draft as well (and even more so if they signed Suggs).

This would allow the Chiefs to look at drafting a MLB (Rey Maualuga from USC or  James Laurinaitis from OSU ) or even Aaron Curry from Wake Forest who is being projected as in outside LB in a 4-3 or an inside LB in a 3-4.

Another option this would allow the Chiefs is draft the best available player left. Michael Crabtree anyone? Pioli had Moss in NE and we have all seen what Larry Fitzgarald has done in the playoffs this year.

With Bowe and Crabtree at WR the Chiefs would be SET for years to come.

Just to add one more thing here. I am no expert on the 3-4 defense, but I do realize that with the 3-4 defense the importance of the LB position is key. So for the Chiefs to successfully run the 3-4 you have to believe the Chiefs either already have the talent at LB to can get the talent at LB to make this happen.

With Pioli, I am convinced we can identify and get this talent on the roster.

So there it is...What do you think about the Chiefs running a 3-4 defense?

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Should Chiefs go to 3-4 Defense?