Comparing LeBron James' and Michael Jordan's 9th Seasons

LeBron BryantAnalyst IApril 8, 2012

Comparing LeBron James' and Michael Jordan's 9th Seasons

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    Few players have captivated our attention like Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The man was basketball and left all those who adored him with a thirst for more...

    A thirst that perhaps one day we might see another glimpse of greatness.

    Enter LeBron James.

    James was billed as the "Chosen One" fresh out of high school. LeBron James was supposed to pick up where Jordan left off, but has failed to accomplish that mission.

    Can James still live up to the hype or is it too late?

    This slideshow compares Jordan and James in their ninth seasons in the NBA to determine how far along King James really is and what he needs to work on.


Field-Goal Percentage

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    Michael Jordan: 49.5%

    LeBron James: 53.4%

    Michael Jordan was having another stellar season in 1993, his ninth year, shooting nearly 50 percent from the field.

    Miami Heat forward LeBron James, however, happens to be having the best shooting season of his career, shooting over 53 percent from the field.

    James get the edge in this one.

Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage

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    Michael Jordan: 35.2%

    LeBron James: 36.1%

    Three-point percentage is a toss-up.

    Jordan's 35.2 percent from behind the arc was higher than his career average.

    LeBron is actually in the midst of his best shooting season from deep, however, that is due to a significant decrease in three-point attempts this season.

Points Per Game

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    Michael Jordan: 32.6 PPG

    LeBron James: 26.8 PPG

    No one can ever touch Jordan when it comes to scoring. Mike wrapped up another scoring title in '93 with 32.6 PPG.

    King James currently sits third in the NBA in scoring this season with 26.8 PPG.

Team Win Percentage

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    Michael Jordan: 69.5%

    LeBron James: 72.2%

    The season is almost over so it seems James gets the edge in this category.

    Jordan's Chicago Bulls finished the season 57-25.

    LeBron and the Miami Heat are currently 39-15 and on pace to win more than 70 percent of their games this season.


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    Michael Jordan: 29.7 PER

    LeBron James: 30.5 PER

    LeBron again gets the nod.

    He has been pretty dominant in PER since entering the NBA. Although he's slowed from his record pace for PER, he still ranks nearly a full point ahead of His Airness.

Free-Throw Percentage

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    Michael Jordan: 83.7% FT

    LeBron James: 76.6% FT

    One area Jordan will seem to always have the upper hand is free throws. Jordan was an excellent free-throw shooter. He shot nearly 84 percent from the charity stripe, while LeBron James seems never able to reach 80 percent or above.

Assists Per Game

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    Michael Jordan: 5.5 APG

    LeBron James: 6.5 APG

    James is averaging one full assist more than Jordan.

    James' passing skills have always been a bright spot and this year is no different.

Rebounds Per Game

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    Michael Jordan: 6.7 RPG

    LeBron James: 8.0 RPG

    LeBron is averaging a career high in rebounds this year at 8.0 per game.

    Jordan brought in 6.7 RPG in the '93 season.

Steals Per Game

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    Michael Jordan: 2.8 SPG

    LeBron James: 2.0 SPG

    The great wing defense of Jordan gives him the edge here.

    His 2.8 SPG were enough to lead the NBA in his ninth year.


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    LeBron James appears to get the edge here by winning more categories.

    The truth is Jordan did go on to win another title in 1993.

    James' great statistics will mean nothing if he can't finish the job like Michael.

    If James does indeed get his first ring this season, the significance of his stats can't be undermined or dismissed.

    It may just be one of the best individual seasons we have ever seen.

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