NFL President Draft: Who Is Your No. 1?

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

The president of the United States is the most powerful person in the country. Football is the most powerful sport in the country.

Everyone knows who the president is in this country of course, and he is know worldwide.  The same can be said for Tom Brady or Peyton Manning

The United States president is under protective watch every time he goes out in public.  So is Ben Roethlisberger.

Crossing the sport and the oval office got me thinking; “Who would be the best football player of the presidents“?

Well with the NFL draft coming up, why not have a presidential draft of our own?

Here it is, the top five draft picks of president for the NFL Draft.

And the first pick of the draft is...


1. Gerald Ford, Offensive Line
Just like the Miami Dolphins did in this season’s NFL draft, the first pick is certainly a safe one. 

Building a team’s offensive line will help turn the whole ship around, and taking a standout player will certainly help that out pretty quickly. 

Ford earned three Varsity letters for suiting up for the Michigan University football team, where he played center. 

He knew how to win, too. During his first two seasons with the squad, his team had a combined record of 15-0-1 and two national championships. 

Ford also had the respect of his teammates, making him a popular figure in the locker room. In high school he was named a team captain (along to many All-Star teams) and in 1934 while playing for Michigan, he was named the Most Valuable Player on his team.

He also certainly knows how to lead, reaching lieutenant commander status in the Navy.

Even though the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers missed out on the star earlier in his career, he showed that he knows the game very well too, taking on an assistant varsity football coach role with Yale Law School.

He can be a risk taker at times, like when he issued a presidential pardon to Richard Nixon after resigning after the Watergate Scandal but overall is very conservative. 

Ford’s reputation for integrity and openness will make him a favorite not only for the coaches, but for the fans too.  He is certainly not afraid to speak his mind.

Great talent and a good head on his shoulders, Ford should be a star on his team for years to come.


2. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Running Back

The flashy player with a slight attitude problem.

Eisenhower was a star running back at West Point after years of success at the high-school level. 

After a knee injury, Eisenhower showed attitude problems that needed to turn around, racking up a list of demerits that even Terrell Owens wouldn’t be proud of.

Eisenhower did graduated in the upper half of his class in college, and showed his great knowledge of strategies by being a junior varsity football coach along with being promoted to Major General and General of the Army during the second world war, after years of hard work.

Eisenhower has great leadership abilities and is very responsible. 

Smoking and a bum knee might be his demise in the tough league, but the talent, great knowledge and leadership abilities will allow him to be productive for a few years.


3. Abe Lincoln, Quarterback

A guy who doesn’t have the strongest arm or best build, but definitely a player you would want to take in times of turmoil.

Lincoln doesn’t have the best training techniques, but they seem to work. Chopping wood for him certainly helped build his shoulder muscles. 

A tall man, Abe can certainly see the entire field. There is also no better player to bring in during times when a leader is needed.

Lincoln can take a split locker room and no matter whose fault the problem was to cause the split, he will bring them all together as equals. His strong vocal skills certainly will get everyone in the room listening to him.

Lincoln has also won in games that were a battle from start to finish.  He never gave up in anything he did, and with his smarts, he can pick up a NFL playbook rather easily. 

Abe is a fighter and a leader with great dedication to his fellow teammates. Just make sure you protect his blind side. 

Other than that, Lincoln is another solid pick, who can lead a competitive football team for years to come. 

4.  William Taft, Defensive Tackle

Just an absolute monster!

William Taft might not be the fastest guy out on the field (in fact, he might be the slowest), but with his size, you can’t move him.

Standings just below 6'0" and tipping the scales at 335 pounds, Taft is a force, perfect for the 3-4 defensive scheme. 

The 3-4 defense would allow the huge nose tackle to blow up the oppositions running game, along with drawing double teams to help out the linebackers. 

I pity the center who has to go one-on-one with Taft.

He might not be the smartest, or the fastest and yes he might have to sub out every other play to catch his breath and get a snack, but with his size and potential, Taft could help anchor a defense for multiple seasons.  

Just remember to have a lot of turtle soup available during any point during the season, it is Taft’s favorite.

5. Barack Obama, Quarterback

Barack Obama is quite new to the game, and may even turn out to be a bust, but the hope he brings to his team is unlike any other.

He is a great athlete, playing basketball and the occasional round of golf.  He also works out just about once a day to keep in game shape.

His leadership ability to going to be why he is taken so high though.

Sure there are guys left on the board like George Washington, FDR, and Thomas Jefferson, who would all be great picks in this situation, but Obama brings the hype.

Even in times of multiple losing seasons, Obama steps in and makes people believe.  They realize it can’t be turned around quickly, but the fans know that a hard work individual is calling the shots, and he will not give up easily. 

While he looks to bring peace into the organization he comes into, he leadership ability is top notch and he is a player who will speak his mind to teammates and the media.  His words are something that people do not forget and are not lies to cover anything up.

Some scouting reports have Obama as a bust and that might be true, but just the belief that he will be great will bring the entire nation to watch him play. Sure, he may fail and the expectations might be a little high coming in, but he will have a following behind him during his entire career. 

If he succeeds, not only does just his team fair well, but the entire national succeeds.  Let’s just hope he has about eight years to turn these terrible times around.

Hope and a clean slate is maybe just what his team needs, in order for him to accomplish great things.

I will certainly be rooting for him.


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