NBA: Jeremy Lin's Injury Will Destroy NY Knicks PG's Value as a Free Agent

Bob BajekAnalyst IIIApril 6, 2012

Jeremy Lin would be a great free agent, but the New York Knicks sensation's knee injury will prevent him from making a killing in the NBA free agent market.

The NBA Cinderella story known as Lin had his breakthrough season abruptly cut short with a meniscus tear in his left knee that required surgery. The surgery was a success, yet Lin has a long road to recovery to gain his mobility and strength back.

Lin is slated to be a restricted free agent during this summer's upcoming free agent signing period. However, Lin lost substantial bargaining power due to his severe injury.

Hints of arthritis were found in his knee as this is a chronic tear, according to the NY Post. If Lin has a similar injury to former Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard Brandon Roy, it could limit the number of years Lin can compete in the NBA.

The injury also prevents Lin from leading the New York Knicks in their battle for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Lin could have proven more of his NBA mettle with that experience and the subsequent playoff series he would've played in.

But those experiences and chances to showcase Lin's talent has been denied to him.

The Knicks have a great chance to re-sign him as a mid-level exception, though they might not even exercise the entire $5 million max of the possible deal. 

Other teams looking for a point guard like the Trail Blazers and New Orleans Hornets might be a bit more hesitant to sign Lin for $5 million or more with his knee injury.

Lin will be playing in the NBA and most likely for the Knicks, but he will have a smaller paycheck thanks to his bum knee.