Minnesota Football: The Goldy Gopher YouTube Account Is Insane

Adam JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterApril 6, 2012

In today's Morning Coffee, we brought you the video of Goldy Gopher, down on his luck and in desperate need of money. The video was on the "GoldytheGopher" YouTube channel, which has several other skits by the Minnesota athletic department featuring the mascot. So it's legit, it's sanctioned—this isn't just some jerkwad with an old costume clowning on Minnesota in his or her free time.

Minnesota is doing this.

But the PSA video of Homeless Goldy isn't the only utterly bananas video they've put out for no good reason. Let's take a look at some more.

Road kill. Insert your joke about Minnesota and road games here. Go on, do it—they're all obvious.

The real beauty of this is that since Goldy is not a trained acrobat, it really brings out the essence of parkour, which is basically "act like an unsupervised five-year-old in public."

That—that's not what kicking a field goal means, Goldy.

In retrospect, Goldy lying dead in the road isn't much of a surprise.

And finally, this one's from the Gopher Sports account instead. That means that more than the barest minimum of effort was put into it, but it's still basically a one-off joke spread out over four minutes. Fortunately, the video producers recognized what a treasure '80s pop R&B videos are, and kept most of that intact. For that, we salute you.