Captain Al's Sunday Booty: Ode To Oaklands Raider

Simon BirminghamContributor IJanuary 20, 2009


The seas be calm the skies true blue,
Sails be pushin', straight and true.

pull up a chair, pass the bloody swill,
Silence the mangy parrot & keep em still.

We be happy with our new plundered prize,
It be one our greatest, no compromise.

Sailin' to the port of Oakland was we,
Our treasure in hand, our hearts filled with glee.

Out of the blue, rogue storm pressed our ship,
Close to the shore the howlin' winds did whip.

Ship in danger from rocks and island surf,
The boilin' storm stole our joyous mirth.

Too late for a run in deeper waters wide,
Lower the sails, 'tis a rollicking ride.

Waves poured over, tossin our stout ship,
Man yer station scallywags, get a good grip.

Captain Davis went to the bow near maidens peak,
Opening his water skin, he began to speak.

Watchin' him from the jib as I did me work,
His hands cuppin' water his thumbs did jerk.

Standin' with purpose movin' his hands into liquid,
The angry waters went still, they fell calm and rigid.

The waters took shape, lookin' like a whales skin,
Pushin' our ship with a determined wind.

Our tiny ship tossed, the bow dipped a bit,
Out to open sea, I thought this be it.

Further out we headed, agin' wind and wave,
Knowin' that moment our lives he did save.

I seen the conjured creatures with me own eyes,
They saved our sorry necks from our own demise.

Exquisite and graceful they bounded forth,
Our ship and crew saved, we headed true north.

Cap'n Al turned round to his trusty first mate
"Coach Cable those creatures will help determine your fate

I'll provide you with them to be Sunday Raiders,
To bring back the glory and booty to savor

I need you to hurry there's no time to waste,
The Reaper is calling me forth with some haste

You hold the key to my eternal reward,
the glorious bounty I could always afford.

My time here on earth is near drawing down
So bring back our Lombardi where it Oaktown!!!"



*****This is an original adaptation of an uncredited pirate poem that has been written, rewritten and posted anonymously. I used the original poem as a base but changed many of the words, phrases and rhythmic timing. I also made up many of the verses completely on my own to obviously fit my "Captain Al" theme and I don't believe I left any of the original verses unchanged. I could not find any original author references or claims for credit, but I did not want to appear to post this as a 100% original by any means:)*****

Thanks for reading and any comments or responses positive or negative would be appreciated!

Simon Birmingham


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