Anquan Boldin, Why Are You Getting All Hermatile?

Glenn CardSenior Analyst IJanuary 20, 2009

Do you have any idea how many active players can say that they have played in a Super Bowl? Regardless of whether they were on the winning team or not, they would probably tell you that it was a great honor just to be there.


It’s a little surprising to me that you choose this point in your career to jump off the team wagon to promote yourself. In a little less than an hour, you wiped away the goodwill you garnered from returning from injury and playing in pain this season to help get your team, the Cardinals, to the Super Bowl.


If your intention is to bring exposure to your talents in the same vein as bad behavior artists like T.O. or Randy Moss, then you’ve made the right gestures. You have accomplished your mission to become a distraction.


I’m not sure what your beef was with the offensive coordinator Todd Haley. You’re allowed to be emotional. It might even be OK to complain about the number of touches you got. But it is not OK to continue that puerile attitude while your team accomplishes what so few others do.


You better take a breath and make your apologies. Step up again and help your team however you can. Whether that means being the feature receiver on the highlight reel or even if you are simply a decoy the whole game, you need to be part of the team.


The Cardinals have already started their damage control and are playing down this incident to your competitive and emotional nature. I invite you to jump back on the bandwagon.


Ask around, not everyone has played in a Super Bowl, and nobody else would want to spoil one.


"Hermatile" is not a real word yet. I figure if I use it often enough I'll get it into Webster's Dictionary eventually. Hermatile: extreme and excessive bitchy behavior (not gender specific)