Seattle Seahawks New Uniforms: You Either Love Them or Hate Them

Thomas HolmesCorrespondent IIIApril 4, 2012

Photo courtesy of Nike
Photo courtesy of Nike

With the NFL and Nike's big unveiling yesterday, there were very few surprises to report...well outside of the Pacific Northwest. 

Thirty-one of 32 teams managed to do little to nothing in changing their uniforms, but the Seahawks decided to take a bold move and play the role of guinea pig in completely overhauling their duds.

The results speak for themselves as you either love them or you don't.

To take the point further, much like abstract art, there is really no middle ground here.

At first glance I will admit I was disappointed, but I decided it was best to give it some time, keep an open mind and at least sleep on it until offering my thoughts as followup to an article I posted a few weeks ago on the topic.

Upon further review I'm coming to terms with the changes including a nice yet subtle nod to the 12th Man on the pants, but still have one small nagging problem...the shoulder pads.

What's going on here?

With all three jerseys I'm overwhelmed by the design, especially the neon green on the home jerseys.  It almost reminds me of the Atlanta Braves shoulder design of the mid-seventies.

Making matters worse is the "Seahawks" on the left shoulder blade. 

Do the 'Hawks need to be reminded these are their jerseys or is this to help the competition remember?

All joking aside it just doesn't work with the shoulder numbers and swoosh crammed all into such a tight space.  

Forgive me if I sound like a bitter old crank (skip ahead to just before the three minute mark), but I really do think there is a generational divide when looking at these jerseys with the line coming somewhere in the mid-thirties. 

Rest assured I won't be camping out at the 'Hawks Pro-Shop on April 26 to buy one, but I do sincerely hope these uniforms look better on the field at C-Link and on TV when the 'Hawks go on the road once the season rolls around. 

Either way, if the 'Hawks continue to serve as trend-setters, these uniforms will probably be overhauled in another year or two anyways...

If and when the time comes, anyone who is listening...tell the design team to clean up the shoulders?!? 

In the meantime, curious to hear your thoughts more than 24 hours later on the new unis.