Memo to the New York Giants: Fire Kevin Gilbride and Hire Jon Gruden

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2009

This is not so much an article, but merely an idea and a plead.  Anybody who watched the Giants playoff calamity against the Eagles knows that they lost the game due to their offense.  Specifically, their offensive play calls.  Since when can Brandon Jacobs run outside?  Never, as was proven. 

Yet, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbridge kept calling that play.  And when he finally called for Jacobs to run between the tackles, it was back to back fourth down plays, which although were fourth and two, might as well have been fourth and goal from their own one yard line.

The offense's failure had to have been a motivating factor for Giants now ex-defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo jumping ship to St. Louis.  His defense kept big blue involved, but could only do so much.  There were high, if not unlikely, hopes that Spags would stick around and be Tom Coughlin's heir apparent.  Now with him gone, does that mean Gilbride is in the running?

Hopefully not.  I don't even want Gilbride back on the sidelines or even passing out programs in Giants Stadium.  Especially now that a new option has arrived...CHUCKY!

Not only is Gruden a great offensive mind who resurrected careers in Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, and Jeff Garcia, but he's proven his success as a head coach.  So signing him could off set two possible job vacancies in the event Tom Coughlin heads into the sunset.

Jon Gruden would be a perfect fit for New York.  He is one of the most high profiled personalities in the league.  He's a Super Bowl winning coach, and was even able to lead the Oakland Raiders to the playoffs.  Yes.  That was a time, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that the Raiders would make the playoffs.

Gruden's also shown his capacity to win with a foundation already in place like he did as Tony Dungy's replacement in Tampa Bay.  And when that foundation has run its course, he knows how to rebuild it from the ground up.

Now, having Gruden as head coach may be a stretch.  But as offensive coordinator, how can you go wrong?  Unless Giants management is satisfied with a play-caller who opts to try the wildcat for the first time on a fourth down play in the playoffs...