The Miami Dolphins' Free-Agency Shopping List

Benji ZeledonContributor IJanuary 19, 2009

It is a crappy sight to behold when your a  fan. The winning team's jubilation at them winning and you getting blown out of the proverbial water...

or the playoffs.

So thus how our season of miracles ended. Now we look ahead and the Parcells tree doesn't stop branching out does it? Recently, we signed CFL stand-out Cameron Wake, who may be projected to probably nab Charlie Anderson's spot as a sub LB.

Miami has a decent team already but many improvements are needed as seen in the Raven's loss.

Which leads to the shopping list Bill Parcells will make this offseason to end Miami's Super Bowl drought.

First on the list:

[] Shutdown Corner

This has been a need in Miami since Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison left the team. Andre Goodman and Will Allen have played exceptional at the end of the season but they are not getting younger and will loose a step soon.

That will be horrible when the Miami Dolphins set up against Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Antonio Bryant, Randy Moss, Jericho Cotchery, Lee Evans, Marquis Colston and the other fifteen or so top WR's on the Saints team, Roddy White, Reggie Wayne...this list can go on.

What the Dolphins can do is select an all-star in the draft, which seems fairly difficult since now the only big-time player probably selectable at corner in the first round for Miami is Vontae Davis. Who was benched during the season.

So here comes plan B, unless Oakland does something right, Miami can go directly to Asomugha or however it's spelled and get a serious corner who is very underrated and very dangerous.


[] Pass Rusher

Yes, yes we know Joey Porter. Though, at the end of the season, teams figured out how to stop Joey Porter. So thus, another pass rusher is needed. Julius Peppers comes to mind (Miami has two DE's already in wait).

Julius Peppers has vocalized out of Carolina and Carolina will probably let him go and Parcells will probably drool and have a heart attack. What Peppers does for a Miami team is create the ability to make double teams on him for the other pieces of the defense to strike (a la the Ravens), which Parcells likes to do, copy and win. (Also see LB's.)


[] Young Safety

Another need is a young safety for the future. Renaldo Hill and Yeremiah Bell are both in their 30's so a young gun will be needed. The likely choice is Draft or the possibly leaving Dawan Landry of the Ravens (I see Miami really thriving off of Baltimore's defensive losses).

He is a young underestimated safety who can make big plays and can help bring a youthful hit for the secondary.


[] Another Rushing LB

Someone has to help Joey. Matt Roth is a beast but there needs more depth. Hello Baltimore. You see Baltimore is going to have contract negotiations with their starting three LB's. Ray Lewis wont go, but Suggs and/or Scott may have to go.

So thus Parcells will go to them and beckon them here. Nothing Parcells likes to do more than take players off of other teams that hurt him nasty.


[] Playmaker

Miami needs a definite all-star at WR. Ginn, Camarillo, and Bess are great but they need someone over the top to attract two corners at all times. With Cincy having problems with both their stars, either may wind up here and bring up our corp. But a name that has yet to be spoke is Anquan Boldin.

He seems ticked at Arizona and even got mad during the Franchise's greatest drive ever. He will likely be gone and Parcells and Sparano know enough of Rosenhaus that he may wind up here.


And finally, in my opinion:

[] Interior Line Depth

After Smiley got hurt, it went pretty quickly south. A.A and Ndukwe are decent but depth is needed, another is Satele needs to get bigger. See Duke Robinson being drafted for this need.


And then Parcells and Sparano will go all around town looking for their last thing.

[] Super Bowl Ring