WWE WrestleMania 28: The 10 Worst Dressed at WrestleMania 28

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIApril 4, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28: The 10 Worst Dressed at WrestleMania 28

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    We're a couple days removed from the biggest night in sports entertainment and we've been bombarded with the new storylines and feuds on the first Raw after WrestleMania.

    While you try to sort out all of the craziness that was Monday Night Raw, enjoy one last look at how the WWE dressed for the show of shows and the Hall of Fame ceremony. 


10. Mick Foley

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    Mick Foley, Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love—whatever you want to call him, he's always found his way into some amusing backstage antics during WrestleMania and other appearances he makes throughout the year, but for me, this one was a little too much.

    I know he's supposed to be a funny guy, but if you're going full lobster fisherman/seafarer, you have to go all out.

    Just the hood? Come on, Mick.

    I would've loved to see a bright yellow suit and a nice blue hat, maybe even a pipe the likes of the Gorton's Fisherman.

    Let's see some effort, Mick.

9. Sia

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    These next two aren't superstars but they are deserving of the title of "Worst Dressed."

    Sia was featured in Flo Rida's song "Wild Ones" before The Rock made his entrance at the Showcase of the Immortals on Sunday. 

    What the heck was she wearing?

    Maybe I'm out of the loop in the world of high fashion, but she looked like Kevin from Up (the bird) decided to star in Rocky Horror.

    Her voice was solid. Her attire, however, was not. 

8. Machine Gun Kelly

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    To be totally honest, I had no idea who MGK was before he started his 90-second intro for John Cena on Sunday.

    Aside from his little "head of the Cenation Fan Club" speech, his performance wasn't bad.

    His outfit, though? Questionable at best. 

    I know, I know, skinny jeans are all the rage these days, but they look darn silly, especially on twiggy alien boys.

    MGK looked like Chris Andersen lost 200 pounds and found his high school sister's pants.

    Another beef I had with his get-up was his shirt.

    Cleveland? I get that he's from Ohio and he wants to "represent," but he could have tossed on a Rise Above Hate shirt.

    I don't know. I wasn't too impressed by his attire but kids these days. 

    Also, Skylar Grey looked exactly like Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element.  

7. Cody Rhodes

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    Now, I know that a lot of people really seemed to like Cody Rhodes' new look on Sunday.

    He went with the Daniel Bryan color scheme and even a similar jacket, except that his jacket zipper ended at a very awkward spot for a male.

    Not only was his "revealing" jacket drawing focus to some interesting areas, his trunks looked like a  five-year-old's underwear. All he needed was a few Spider-Mans or a Superman logos and he would be good to go. 

6. Barry Windham

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    As i stated at the beginning of the slideshow, this list would involve outfits from not only WrestleMania itself, but also from the Hall of Fame ceremony.

    The sole bad dresser from the induction ceremony was Mr. Barry Windham, who was being honored as a member of the Four Horsemen. 

    I realize the Four Horsemen was classic and was one of the best factions/groups in WWE history, but come on, Barry.

    Jeans? Jeans?

    You're receiving the highest honor in the business and you can't muster up enough energy to wear some dress pants? Rough. 

5. Chris Jericho

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    Now, before you get angry, I loved Jericho's new coat (except for the arm that didn't light up), but his trunks were straight foolish. 

    I understand that the whole "I'm the best" angle was being played, but if you're going to try to steal CM Punk's title, at least get some cool-looking trunks in the process.

    Jericho's trunks looked like someone decided to toss "Best in the World" on Sunday afternoon and had to make a last minute run to Hobby Lobby. 

    The little rhinestone-ish polka dots were weird too. 

4. Maria Menounos

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    WrestleMania always likes to involve celebrities, from Lawrence Taylor to Snooki. This year's lucky winner was Maria Menounos. Menounos got thrown into a Divas tag match on the set of Extra after an altercation with Beth Phoenix and Eve. 

    When I first saw Menounos coming down the ramp with Kelly Kelly on Sunday I thought her attire was pretty solid—until she and Kelly executed Kelly's "stink-face" move.

    Interesting thing about white pants: If you rub the backside of them against a heavily made-up diva's face, it may leave a little color on the pants.

    In this case, it was brown. It was hard to overlook the spot for the rest of the match and stayed in my mind as one of the worst outfits of the weekend. 

3. Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger, what happened?

    He came out on the go-home Raw before WrestleMania with a weird, politician-like haircut.

    Then, he comes to WrestleMania in a singlet that looks like it's sponsored by Zubaz.

    Swagger is the All-American American. What happened to the patriotic red, white, and blue? 

    I was hoping that Swagger's fashion faux pas was a one time mistake until Monday Night Raw last night.

    The '80s called, Swagger, and they want their singlet back. Send Vickie Guerrero too.

2. Beth Phoenix

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    WrestleMania 28 was tough for the Divas Champion.

    She lost a match to a celebrity and had her head attacked by some terrifying demon devil-bird/butterfly during her entrance. 

    Beth's hat was ridiculous.

    It didn't make a lot of sense and was sort of demonic and confusing.

    She's the champ. She does as she pleases. 

1. David Otunga

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    Hopefully, this one isn't a big surprise.

    David Otunga's captain shirt for Team Johnny was hardly even a shirt at all. He wore the tatters and looked silly.

    How someone could lead a team to a victory wearing that "shirt," I have no idea. Maybe his muscles were sick of being contained by normal t-shirts.   

What Do You Think?

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    The show of shows is over and most of the awesomely bad outfits have been put to rest.

    What outfits did I miss from the Hall of Fame ceremony or from the matches themselves?

    Is someone on the list there by mistake? Let me know what you think!

    Want to see the best-dressed? Check this out!

    Thanks to J9 for the idea!