Rod Chudzinski: Should San Francisco Grab Him?

D WizzleSenior Analyst IJanuary 18, 2009

Times are tough in San Francisco, and the 49ers should hire Rod Chudzinski as their new offensive coordinator. Chudzinski was previously the offensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns for the last two years until Romeo Crennel got fired from the head coaching position there.

Chudzinski would be a better hire over other candidates interviewed by 49ers head coach Mike Singletary because he has had success as a coordinator before. In addition, Chudzinski is only 40 years old. If hired, he would probably would stay with the 49ers for a few years before ever thinking of leaving for a head coach position.

Although the Browns had a terrible season offensively this year, it was not entirely Chudzinski’s fault. The Browns were beset by injuries to their starting and backup quarterbacks as well as their tight end.

I don’t think any offensive coordinator could have helped the Browns’ offense this year. Chudzinski had to work with Ken Dorsey as his starting quarterback for the last four games of the season. Dorsey, who was a star for the Miami Hurricanes and a former 49er, is no better than a third-string quarterback in the NFL.

It was not Chudzinski’s fault that wide receiver Braylon Edwards kept on dropping wide-open passes or that Derek Anderson was so inaccurate with his throws. Anderson had problems throwing to wide-open teammates and often completed less than half his passes.

Tight end Kellen Winslow performed very well with Chudzinski calling the plays the last two seasons. I am sure Vernon Davis saw the numbers Winslow put up under Chudzinski and salivated about what he could do with Chudzinski as the new offensive coordinator.

Frank Gore is already familiar with Chudzinski since Chudzinski was coaching him when Gore was at the University of Miami. Chudzinski knows what Gore can do and would give him many opportunities with the ball.

Chudzinski would love coaching Shaun Hill after having to deal with the inaccurate Anderson for the past two years. Anderson has a very strong arm, unlike Hill, but his passes often were too high or too low for his receivers. Hill would be a breath of fresh air for Chudzinski.

Hill takes care of the ball unlike Anderson, and can also scramble when necessary.
As for the receivers, Isaac Bruce and Jason Hill won’t drop the ball as much as Edwards did for the Browns. I already mentioned Davis, who would have more plays called for him under Chudzinski than he did over the first three years of his career.

It is imperative that the 49ers make the right hire and Chudzinski is definitely the right man for the job.