Why Not "Chucky" To Become The Next NY Jet Coach?

Richard Marsh@RichardMarshSenior Analyst IJanuary 17, 2009

I certainly will not be the first and only Jet fan to propose that Jon Gruden should be seriously looked at by the New York Jets to coach them in 2009.

The Jets are into the third week of the hiring process of replacing Eric Mangini as the  head coach.  To many Jet watchers they are taking their sweet time and interviewing many viable candidates from the biggest and not so biggest coaching names out there. Now they can add another one to the list.  Jon "Chucky" Gruden.

Gruden's December with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was even worse than the Jets. He had the Bucs at 9-3 and only had to win "ONE" game in December to reach the playoffs.  They lost all four, including being thoroughly beaten by Gruden's ex team The Oakland Raiders at home in the season finale.

Along with Gruden, Eric Mangini and Mike Shanahan also were fired by their team after losing comfortable leads in their division.  They all finished at .500 or better but the NFL certainly has a "what have you done for me lately" attitude.

So why Gruden?

First off, can he answer correctly the same first question every candidate has been asked so far?  "Do you want Brett Favre as your quarterback"?  My guess is that most of the candidates have eliminated themselves with the incorrect answer. 

I'm not sure what that is but by all indications the Jets' ownership seems to want Brett back.  Can Gruden live with Brett?  I believe he can.

Gruden will bring a no-nonsense team against the world attitude to this country club. The defense will become way more intense and the overall play will be greatly improved, plus Gruden's got a personality that is perfect for the fans and the New York media.

We will see plenty of "Chucky" up and down the sidelines at the Meadowlands.  I hear Keyshawn Johnson may be looking to come out of retirement.  I could just see it now. Brett to Keyshawn with "Chucky" going berserk.  Only in New York.