Three Reasons Why B.J. Penn Will Lose to GSP at UFC 94

Margus LCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

It was originally suppose to be titled "10 reasons why Flyin Hawaiin sucks so hard" (thanks for suggestion Mike) - but then I decided to go with my original idea. BTW - it is not a rip-off from Three Reasons Why B.J. Penn Will Beat Georges St. Pierre - I was almost shocked when I saw that my "original idea" had been "stolen" - what a relief that it's the other side of the debate :)

Actually I was about to write this earlier, but each time I started, the progress stopped at cropping the uploaded photo [both at home & work]- so I used stock photo instead

Well, anyways, I hope you guys all watched UFC Primetime this week so y'all know what I am talking about—it was a real treat for GSP fans and gave me three damn good reasons to write this article, so here we go:


1) You do not talk trash to Georges St. Pierre!

Was it just me, or did BJ Penn sounded really stupid right off the bat: "I am ready to die - I will go all the way". W T F is he talking about? There have been no deaths in UFC—who is he going to kill? Himself after the fight?

GSP's response to this trash talk was just priceless: "I have never been insulted this bad in my life." Five stars George for not stooping to BJ's level - afterall - all this trash talk is pure nonsense after the fight is all done & over - it is not the size of the mouth that gets wins for the champions - it's the size of their hearts.

Also - another thing about B.J.'s trash talk makes me wonder - is he trying to overcompensate for something?


2) Good time to take a vacation - Three weeks before the biggest fight of your life!!

I really do not know that much about preparing for a championship MMA match (I've heard that last week you can take a bit easier)—but my best guess is that even if Dana White is pissed off about B.J. Penn being on vacation—it might not be the bestest idea.


3) GSP already took the best BJ had to offer & still came back to win

I know the counter-argument of BJ-huggers - judges were wrong. Well guess what - you can't win a fight by winning just one round - Yes - BJ beat GSP to bloody mess in the 1st round - but that was it - GSP came back & won it - he had heart where a lot of other fighters would have given up.

Which furthermore discredits BJ Penn's trashtalk statement that he will break GSP - he gave his best last time & still could not "break" George - I bet this time he will not even come close to this - as George is clearly much better prepared while BJ is vacationing in the spa with his girlfriend.


Yes, primetime was a real treat as if before seeing it, I had BJ about 20 percent chance winning the fight, now it's five percent. If I were a betting man, I would run out & lay quite a few smackers on GSP.