Three Reasons Why B.J. Penn Will Beat Georges St. Pierre

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJanuary 16, 2009

As the above picture may display, there is much to do about something; and that something is Penn vs GSP II.

Many B.J. Penn fans think that B.J. got the better of the exchanges in the first matchup and deserved the win.

Many GSP fans believe that B.J. poked GSP to get a little blood out of him, and that GSP did dominate rounds two and three to secure the win.

No matter how you see it, credit B.J. Penn for what he accomplished. No man has ever stood toe-to-toe with GSP and outstrip him, let alone crush every take down attempt GSP has thrown at them. BJ has the innate ability to stay on one foot better than anyone else, and he certainly did that in this fight.

Regardless, below is three reasons why Penn will secure a win at the Super Bowl weekend throwdown in a few short weeks.


1) Penn has the mental advantage.

Some say that GSP is a bit rattled coming off the first fight, as Penn is one of the only men to go three rounds with him and feel unfazed by anything he's done. It's possible the psychological aspect hasn't completely gotten to GSP, but chances are that Penn's craftiness is wearing down on GSP's mind.


2) Penn is crazy enough to stand with GSP.

Penn has shown his ability to jab and fight very well, as displayed in his fights against Joe Stevenson, and more so against Sean Sherk. Chances are that B.J. may want to stand a bit with GSP, unless he feels he's getting the worse of the exchanges. B.J.'s no slouch at the stand-up game, and he may be able to get more strikes in.


3) Penn has it in his mind that he didn't lose the first time.

Sometimes people are their own worst enemies. In this case, B.J. is his biggest advocate. B.J. definitely believes that he won the fight the first time, and the only thing he has to prove here is that he can move up a weight class and take someone else at their own weight.

He isn't even getting a warm-up fight, which shows how much confidence he has to take this. B.J. is ready for war (Also, note that B.J. is fighting for GSP's title, which puts GSP in the everything to lose situation and B.J. in the everything to gain position).


No matter who you like in the fight, or if you are getting geared up for the Super Bowl, this fight is a great way to start off 2009 for the UFC, and for one of the two fighters, it'll be a big notch underneath their belt.