New York Jets: 5 Games Tim Tebow Will See Action in This Season

Avi Wolfman-ArentCorrespondent IIJuly 11, 2016

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Until otherwise informed, it appears that the New York Jets will use new quarterback Tim Tebow as an all-purpose backup and Wildcat specialist.

Even if those roles mutate as the offseason progresses, this much is clear: The Jets didn’t trade for Tebow to have him hold a clipboard and chew his fingernails.

Tebow will play. But when, and in what capacity?

Can we draw some rough conclusions based on how the Jets used Brad Smith when he ran their version of the Wildcat offense?

Not really.

A cursory look at Smith’s game logs nullifies the comparison.  In Smith’s four years as a Jet, he never attempted more than one pass or five rushes in a game.

Given Rex Ryan’s assurances that the team will use Tebow in a variety of roles, I would think Tebow sees more action, particularly as a thrower.

That leaves us with matchups. Looking at the teams on New York’s schedule and Tebow’s relationship to each gives the best criteria for projecting his potential uses.

The sequence of these games should change things, but for now, we’ll go with names.

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