Can Jeff Saturday Make the Hall of Fame?- Friday Tweetbag

Nate Dunlevy@NateDunlevyGuest ColumnistMarch 23, 2012

He's bound for Green Bay, but what about Canton?
He's bound for Green Bay, but what about Canton?Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Welcome to the Friday Tweetbag! As always, you can tweet, email or send your questions to me in the comments section of the articles.


@NateDunlevy any chance you recap what 63 needs to do in Gb to make the hall?

— Jason Owens (@CrizzleColts) March 23, 2012

A: Great question, Jason. Linemen are difficult because they don't have conventional stats. Saturday is a five-time Pro Bowler and a two-time All Pro. Those are really about the only stats a center can have other than rings. There are currently five centers with more or as many Pro Bowls and All-Pros as Saturday who aren't in the Hall. As great as Saturday is/was, he is probably on the outside looking in when it comes to Canton. Perhaps in 20 years he'll get a stronger look. Obviously, his role in the lockout resolution can only help, but typically voters choose based on what happens on the field. It's just tough for centers. Another ring would help his chances.



@NateDunlevy what you think of the drew Stanton trade?

— Jonathan Bradbury (@skillet351) March 23, 2012

A: The Colts basically moved back from the 6th to the 7th round and got a backup quarterback. Essentially they picked up Winston Justice and Drew Stanton by moving down one round. That's called "low risk, low reward".



@NateDunlevy Do you think the #Titans will get any compensatory picks this year for losing Babin and Tulloch?

— Mr. Lloyd (@2ToneBlueBlood) March 23, 2012

A: The Titans lost four free agents: Collins, Babin, Scaife, and Tulloch.

They also signed four free agents: Hasselbeck, Graham, Ruud, Smith.

My understanding is that because of the way the contracts work out, the Titans will NOT be getting any compensatory picks.



@NateDunlevy So assuming Gabbert doesn't improve and Jags do not have #1 overall pick what should they do? Trade up to get Barkley?

— Brysynner (@Brysynner) March 23, 2012

A: Yes, I think they have to make a bold move to get a top flight quarterback. They will know by the end of this year what they have. They may not know if Gabbert will be great, but if he doesn't improve, they will know he's a bust. If you don't have a quarterback, you aren't rebuilding. You are just losing.

Finally, this came in from the comments on my piece about Andrew Luck's workout. It was too sweet not to pass along.

Cody Hughes noted:

I was pretty impressed yesterday with Luck's performance. Am I the only one who can draw a comparison between Luck and RG3's pro days and the scene from Rocky IV between Rocky and Drago's training montage? :)

Luck was very relaxed throwing in the t-shirt and shorts, outside in the wind and RG3 was in that futuristic looking Adidas performance get-up, indoors with all of his matching receivers.

That is just too freaking funny not to pass along.

Have a great weekend!