WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Matches That We Will Never Forget

Brandon Taylor Correspondent IMarch 24, 2012

Orton's match against Kane could be brutal.
Orton's match against Kane could be brutal.Gallo Images/Getty Images

WrestleMania is just over a week away, and the anticipation is starting to build over what's going to happen. The Rock vs. John Cena has been talked about for years and years and finally it's going to happen. The epic promos that these two men have produced has only added to the anticipation for what will happen on April 1st.

The other big match at WrestleMania has been titled: "The End of an Era." That match will be a Hell in a Cell Match between Triple H and The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. These three men will help make this match one of the greatest of all-time without question.

These two matches alone make this WrestleMania perhaps the biggest event in years. However, when you take time to look at the rest of the card, it is very strong from top to bottom. Here are four other matches that have the potential to be unforgettable.

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Kane has brought back his masked appearance, and with it, a reign of destruction that we haven't seen from him in years. He now has Randy Orton in his path because of Kane's last appearance as a face, when he shook Orton's hand after a brutal street fight last year.

Kane wants to avenge that "sign of weakness" by destroying Orton at WrestleMania. Even though Orton isn't kicking guys in the head like he did during his heel days, Orton remains the Apex Predator of the WWE—vicious, cold and calculating. This should be an extremely physical match.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: World Heavyweight Championship

These men are having a rematch from last year's WrestleMania, even though this is their first one live, as they were the dark match for last year's WrestleMania. It angered both men that they were pushed off the card, and they will want to show fans what they missed last year.

Bryan will be especially looking forward to the match as he will be participating in his first WrestleMania match as the World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan dominated the Indy scene for a number of years before getting his big break in the WWE.

Sheamus was pushed early, then kind of faded, but now he is back in the world title picture. It should be an exciting match: power vs. speed.

Takeover Match: Team Long vs. Team Laurinaitis

This will be exciting simply for the fact that it will determine which general manager will control both brands, RAW and SmackDown. This match will give WWE fans a good look into how the rest of the year may unfold.

Team Laurinaitis has the team of mega-heels with Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler, among others. Team Long is the underdog, but they have R-Truth and Kofi Kingston leading the team.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho: WWE Championship

If this were any other WrestleMania, this would be the main event. You have CM Punk and Chris Jericho both claiming to be the best in the world, and both can back up their claims. These men are great athletes and are capable of performing at a very high level.

That's why they are fighting for the biggest championship in wrestling. In the weeks leading up to this match, both men have shown their mic skills and charisma. These men could steal the show and leave fans talking about something else besides Cena, Rock and the Hell in a Cell match.