WWE News: Chris Jericho on Jimmy Fallon, Breaks WrestleMania Character

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMarch 22, 2012

On the March 21 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Chris Jericho appeared as a guest to promote WrestleMania 28. However, he did so completely out of character and really broke the fourth wall of wrestling.

Those who have been complaining about the kayfabe shirts on WWEShop.com must have been screaming at the television last night if they saw this interview. I imagine The Iron Shiek somewhere spitting on the TV, leaving his saliva on the televised face of Jericho.

Jericho went on to say that this WrestleMania is the biggest of all time and promoted The Rock vs. John Cena as being the main event. He then went on to mention Triple H vs. The Undertaker and his match versus CM Punk to see who the best in the world is. He didn't mention it was for the WWE title.

Fallon then asked Jericho what he thought of CM Punk.

At this point, one would expect him to say he's a wannabe, he's the son of an alcoholic and the brother of a substance abuser.

Instead, he said he's "a great performer."

Jericho then talked about how the "story" of getting to the match is far more important than the match itself—otherwise, it's just two guys in their underwear, oiled up and rolling around with each other.

After that, the big bomb dropped.

Jericho said that he plays "the evil villain bad guy" in the WWE Universe. When people on the street meet him, they're surprised he's a nice guy. He then used the example of actor Anthony Hopkins, who he said doesn't walk around in a straight jacket eating people. 

He said he's received angry tweets and emails and that people have thrown rocks at his car because recently his actions have been "dastardly." Fallon and Jericho laughed as he explained that it was a rental, and a Taurus. 

Fallon ended the interview telling everyone to watch WrestleMania and shouted out the date as they cut to commercial. 

Earlier in the interview, Jericho talked about how he and his college roommate—who loved Jean-Claude Van Damme—would change song lyrics to use Jean-Claude's name. He sang some 80s tunes, like "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer and changed it to Claude Van-Damme. Very funny stuff.

Fans of the WWE have had the 80s Hogan Era, the Attitude Era and now the Reality Era has been cemented into pop culture.


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